20 Truths About Turning 20

If you are 20 or a soon-to-be 20-year-old, you’ll understand when I say that I don’t really want to talk about stepping out of my teenage years—in the midst of my half-way midlife crisis, I’ve been searching for the ways I can make myself feel more ready for this shift; it feels like a big one that I should, in some way, be prepared for. With only five days until my birthday, I can say that I’ve come across more ‘20’ quotes than I should have, and even a few truths of my own….

  1. 1. You have been on this earth for two whole decades.

  2. 2. Nobody feels ready to hit their 20’s…

  3. 3. You are finally entering a new space in life, and you have the freedom to turn it into whatever you want.

  4. 4. You don’t need to have everything figured out.

  5. 5. Your present situation is not your final destination (yes, this is one of those ‘20’ quotes I read….)

  6. 6. You will often find yourself on a different page than the people around you, and that is okay.

  7. 7. Being 20 does not mean you will become mistake-proof...you will mess up time and time again.

  8. 8. You are a different person than you were five years ago and when you hit 25, you’ll be an all-new you again; enjoy who you are now.

  9. 9. Nobody ever guesses that someone is a 20-year-old...get ready to hear a lot of people thinking you’re either 17 or 23.

  10. 10. Most of your 20 years have been spent in school, yet you kept on pushing!

  11. 11. You have an entire decade to prepare for your mid-life crisis when 30 hits.

  12. 12. ...add another 10 to that to prepare for 40.

  13. 13. The friends you have now will probably stick around in your life for a long, long time.

  14. 14. The most exciting changes of your life are around just the corner.

  15. 15. You are another year wiser, I promise.

  16. 16. The memories you make now will become the stories that begin with “when I was in my 20’s…..”

  17. 17. You won’t know exactly who you are just yet….there is a lifetime of discovering left to do.

  18. 18. Filing taxes still makes no sense.

  19. 19. You have more control over your life now than you have ever had before.

  20. 20. You have to appreciate each and every day that your 20’s brings...you will miss them when they’re gone.