The 10 Best Songs for Walking to Class

1. “Switch”- 6LACK

You won’t be contemplating where it’s pronounced “six-lack” or “black” with this song playing- you’ll be too busy thinking of haters you probably don’t even have.

2. “Another Sad Love Song” – Khalid

This is a jam for when you’re not in a huge rush. Take in the sights of Queens: the limestone buildings, the other limestone buildings, and the limestone buildings behind those other limestone buildings.

3. “Animal”- Miike Snow

This song has the perfect beat to match your strut as you try to get from Chernoff to Dupuis in five minutes. You go girl!

4. “South of the River” – Tom Misch

You’re definitely not a truther if you say this song isn’t a one-way ticket to funkytown. Sorry for saying that. In other news, Tom Misch is the English SoundCloud boyfriend you never knew you needed. I’m also sorry for saying that.

5. “Bubblin” – Anderson .Paak

He went hard on this one and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s because he knew we needed to listen to it as a pick-me-up before our 4:30 Friday lecture.

6. “Waves (Tame Impala Remix)” – Miguel, Tame Impala

This song will make it feel like the sun’s out even when its minus 25. Well, maybe. May as well give it a shot.

7. “Ways to Go” – Grouplove

“I’ve got a little bit longer, I’ve got a ways to go.” That sounds like me trying to find a tutorial in Mac-Corry. It’s time to turn up the volume and pull up Class Find.

8. “Mirror Master” – Young the Giant

This is just a good song. Listen to it when you’re walking, talking, eating, showering and all the other things.

9. “Tuesday” – IloveMakonnen, Drake

You’re going to make it through your six hour block of class and out to Mod. I know you will. This song will help remind you of that.

10. “Hand Me Downs” – Arkells

Get rockin’, get groovin’, and pretend Max Kerman is serenading you. Oh, and get to class!