YouTube Channels Worth Subscribing To

As an avid watcher of YouTube, there is a vast variety to the platform, and there is something for everyone.  So here is a list of a few different types of channels I recommended for anyone wondering where to start or looking for something new on YouTube.

  1. Gaming:  A classic sphere of YouTube, gaming channels are a super fun way to watch someone else play a video game you might never play yourself.  Speaking as someone who has never even owned a game console, these channels are some of my favorites as the people playing the game are hilarious and the games can be very interesting!  Channel suggestions: Markiplier, Jacksepticeye
  2. Makeup: Nearly opposite to gaming, another giant category on YouTube is the makeup community.  Whether its all the drama, or the endless shade, the makeup community is filled with personalities but anyone from a makeup lover to a non makeup wearer can find some satisfaction in the blending of eye shadows.  Channel Suggestions: Jeffree Star, James Charles
  3. Comedy: Some of the most beloved and classic You Tubers fall into this category, whether its Lily Singh on the way to her new nightly show gig on NBC, or the Try Guys fresh off of Buzzfeed and starting their own company, comedy on YouTube has great variety and makes it a rather enjoyable rabbit hole to go down.  Channel suggestions: Lily Singh (iisuperwomanii), The Try Guys, Liza Koshy
  4. Vlogs:  And the new age of YouTube wouldn’t exist without this format of filming.  Vlogging ones daily life or crazy adventures can create a great variety in content and most viewers find that its more about the person behind the vlog then the actual stuff going on in the vlog  that makes them watch video after video.  Channel Suggestions: LaurDIY, Vlog Squad
  5. Subtopics:  Whether it is organization, tattooing, or any other number of hobbies, if you are interested in it, there is a community about it on YouTube.  One of my favorite parts about YouTube is discovering new people every time I go searching for something new there is a new subset of awesome videos and creator to discover.  Category Suggestions: Organizations, Technology, Cars, DIY, Home improvement, etc.No matter what your hobbies are or what you are interested in, there is probably a YouTube channel and a community out there for you.  Happy watching! (And procrastinating if you are me)