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Your Liberal Arts Degree Is Not “Useless”

As someone whose major lies in liberal arts, I always get questions like, “what are you going to do with that” or “how are you supposed to make money off jobs like those?” In the past, when someone would ask me those questions, I would rethink my career choice and if what I am pursuing is right for me. Now, when those questions are thrown my way, I hold my head high and proudly say, “thanks for you input, but I am proud to be pursing what I love.” I’m sure most, if not all, liberal arts majors can relate to my story in some way. Well, have no fear! I am here to explain to you why your liberal arts degree is not “useless”.


In today’s world, it seems that anything STEM related is the hottest career choice. I mean, don’t get me wrong, if I was smart enough, I would definitely have gone with my second major choice: Atmospheric Sciences. However, that’s a story for a later time. With a space exploration ramping up, self-driving cars, and robots that can keep you from feeling alone, STEM is probably a more attractive major to degree-seeking freshmen. We aren’t here to talk about STEM though. We are here to discuss why your liberal arts degree is actually extremely useful!

According to the University of Colorado, “Critical thinking, communication, creative problem solving, self-expression, innovative research, and lifelong learning—all skills a liberal arts degree emphasizes—are central to a great career and a well-lived life.” As someone who studies PR and Advertising (in the college of Liberal Arts), I can attest to this. I have gone through several pre-rec classes that allow me to place emphasis on all these aspects. For example, I’m taking a class called COM 204 where I learn how to become a stronger written communicator through critical thinking!

Liberal arts students are also extremely well rounded as opposed to STEM majors who only focus on one thing. For example, I have a friend who is studying Bio-Medical engineering whereas I am studying PR and Advertising. She has classes that only revolve around biology, engineering, math, etc. As for myself, I take classes in writing, public speaking, statistics, video production, history, etc. Because I am more well-rounded within my classes, I can easily take on other jobs outside of my major. Whereas my friend is only focused on getting a job in Bio-Medical engineering.

            I am in no way saying that Liberal Arts degrees are better than STEM degrees. I think almost everyone can agree that if we were all motivated enough, we would all try and pursue a degree in science. What I am trying to get at is to not listen to people who tell you that your liberal arts degree is “useless.” Obviously, your “useless” liberal arts degree can get you far in life, making money, still doing what you love.

Ava Smith

Purdue '23

Hello! My name is Ava Smith. I am a junior studying Advertising and Film Studies. I am from a suburb of Chicago called St. Charles and enjoy all the wonderful parks it has to offer. My hobbies consist of writing, filmmaking, and spontaneous adventures with friends. Currently, I am the Multimedia Manager for Boiler Communication and Social Media Moguel at the Hub on State Street. This is my second year being involved in Her Campus and I am so excited about all the new memories and opportunities I will make this year and for years to come!
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