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You need to start listening to movie soundtracks while studying

I think I got it. The key to effective studying. No, it’s not memorizing flashcards or highlighting your notes. It’s all about creating the perfect atmosphere. By romanticizing studying and pretending you are your favorite study icon – Rory Gilmore, Hermione, you name it – you can get so much more done than just hanging out at the library with a Red Bull. My best recommendation: hit up a pretty coffee shop, order a delicious, comforting drink (chai latte with oat milk for the win!) and listen to movie score soundtracks. Since they are mostly instrumental, they will not distract you, but rather inspire you to achieve your goals and get things done. Here are my 5 favorite movie soundtracks to listen to while on the grind:

1. Harry Potter

An obvious choice, but one that never fails. Listening to the music from the Harry Potter films makes me feel like I am at Hogwarts, studying for my Defense against the Dark Arts final. It is inspiring, nostalgic and helps you enjoy whatever assignment you are working on.

2. Narnia

The music from Narnia reminds me of my childhood and does wonders for my concentration. Listen to the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe soundtrack on repeat while writing an essay and I promise it will get done.

3. Star Wars

It’s motivating, bold and uplifting. What else could you ask for? This is my personal favorite to listen to while doing my calc homework. If these characters can save the galaxy, then I can figure out derivatives and trig.

4. Disney scores

Let’s face it: some of the best pieces of music ever come from Disney movies. The Lion King, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled…all of these movies not only have beautiful songs, but also ashtoningly moving and inspirational scores.

5. Lord of the Rings

If you have never listened to this soundtrack, definitely give it a go!! It gives off the best cozy vibes, perfect for diving head-first into your long-overdue readings.

Alessandra is a Peruvian student studying Management a Purdue. She loves travel, dance and amazing food. You can find her doing various sports, eating smoothie bowls , reading books and watching movies and TV shows. She loves going out, swimming and listening to an unhealthy amount of One Direction songs.