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Why You Need to Start Listening to Podcasts

Over the past month, I started getting into listening to podcasts. My listening journey began with a motivational speaker I followed on Instagram. I read her book and watched all her videos, but I wanted more information than what I already learned. I found out about her podcasts and eventually started discovering other podcasts to listen to.

If you don't know what podcasts are, then you're missing out. They're episodic series that is a lot like storytelling (very conversational). Just within this month, I have learned so much from the podcasts I listen to. Here are some reasons you should start too. I promise that you'll see your life turnaround quickly.

You can learn about and listen to almost anything

The topics of discussion can range from anything. From relationship advice to money management, you can find almost anything that you want, a-z. Podcasts can also be an educational tool and can give you a break from reading your textbooks. Considering they're typically written by experts of the topic (much like Ted Talks), they go much more in-depth than you'd think. I've recently enjoyed listening to mindset and motivation podcasts. You can also uncover some fascinating facts about current events. Who knows, maybe you'll learn something that you can share in your class for those participation points.

Spend your time more effectively

We spend so much time doing mindless tasks that could be used to learn something. If you want to learn something without having to read, then podcasts are the perfect answer! Listen to podcasts while you're commuting (my favorite), cleaning your room, going through your morning routine, and even working out.

Use podcasts as a cure for boredom

If you're bored to death or music is starting to get too monotonous, try a podcast! Podcasts aren't all educational. There are so many that you can listen to for fun too! Storytelling is popular among podcasts from comedians, crime junkies, and college students alike. Chances are, you might even find your favorite TikTok and YouTube stars on there too!

Their popularity is growing

If you like getting ahead of the trends, get ahead of this one. Podcast popularity has been on the rise for a while, and with no surprise, boomed during quarantine.

They are authentic and genuine

Unlike Netflix TV shows, books, and blog posts, podcasts have no filter. They are created by people who are experts in their field, mastered a skill they want to share, or just especially like the topic. The unscripted nature of a podcast makes it more relatable and human. It feels personable like you are a part of the conversation.

It’s free to listen!

Free: every college student's favorite word. Yes, most podcasts are completely free! If you have an iPhone, it's all right in the podcasts app on your phone. If not, don't worry! You can access podcasts online, on Spotify, and Android too.

There are so many more advantages to listening to podcasts. The ones I listed above only scratch the surface! Whether you are a college student or running after your kids, there's a podcast for you. Happy listening!

Hey! I'm Natasha, a sophomore at Purdue University studying Computer Science. I'm originally from the Bay Area (California) and enjoy trying new foods, traveling, and doing anything creative! Find me on Instagram: @natashaxrao
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