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Why #SpreadTheWordToEndTheWord Upsets Me

Do not get confused by the title. I love that people are advocating against using the R-word. What makes me mad is that people still use that word to describe other human beings. I have grown up being taught that we do not use that word to describe anything let alone anyone because it is derogatory and should never leave my lips. It makes me mad that #spreadthewordtoendtheword has to trend on social media for some people to realize that they should stop using that word.

I have never used that word in any situation because I have always known that that word is not a socially acceptable word to use and I always felt uncomfortable when that word was used in any situation. I have told people countless times to not use that word when describing anything and when they ask me why, I tell them that the R-word should not be used for anything because in general, it is just a bad word.

It also angers me to think that anyone would use that word to describe another human being. I have been fortunate enough to have spent a lot of time with people who have special needs. I count myself very blessed to have been able to experience life with these amazing individuals. They have taught me so much and I look at my life now knowing that I would not be who I am today without them. I have learned kindness, happiness, and positivity by spending hours hanging out and talking with them.

They have taught me how to show incredible kindness to anyone they meet. No matter who I’m with and no matter who we encounter, they were always so kind to them. They never once made a mean comment or insulted anyone, they always spent so much of our conversations complimenting others and never expecting anything in return. I was always so amazed by their kindness and vowed that I would try to mirror that attitude in my own life.

For these people, happiness and positivity go hand in hand. Every time I had the chance to hang out with these amazing people, there was always a smile on their faces and they loved every second of what we were doing. They were always looking forward to what was next and did not spend time worrying about what was going to happen next. They just enjoyed the moment we were in. They not only taught me kindness, they also showed me how to live a happier and more positive life.

I loved every second I spent with these people and have never once considered them any different than me. That is why it hurts me that people have to make a campaign to spread the word to end R-word. People should already know not to make others feels lesser for something they cannot control.  

Karly McNeish is a freshman at Purdue University studying Public Health. She loves traveling, Gilmore Girls and trying new foods. She is originally from New England and Boston will always have her heart. Karly is a new member of the Twin Pines Cooperative House and she could not be more excited to start her new adventure with all the other Twin Pines Girls. Follow Karly on instagram @karlymcn.
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