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Why are Olivia Rodrigo concert tickets so expensive?  

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As my friend and I sat there, staring at our phones looking at the $450 tickets for her concert, we came to the collective decision that we probably wouldn’t be going to see Olivia Rodrigo. As many of you probably know by now, the queen herself just released a new album this month entitled GUTS. This great album also came with another announcement: a new tour. On her SOUR tour, she only had a little more than 30 shows. But with GUTS, and an enormous new fan base since her last album, she is now set to have 75 dates on this tour. She also just recently added 18 new dates as of last week.  

With more shows and bigger venues, comes more income and what we would hope would be lower prices. Well, at least that’s what I thought. I knew they would be expensive, afterall, it’s Olivia Rodrigo, but I didn’t think that $450 for nosebleeds was going to be a thing?! I was really disappointed and wondered why this was a problem. So I did some digging. Alledgedly, it’s Ticketmaster’s fault. And if you remember the whole Taylor Swift “Era’s Tour” debacle, you completely understand. Basically they want to make money too, so they price their tickets based on demand. Lord knew there was going to be a high demand for this girl. So the high ticket prices make sense, but still not cool.  

The Olivia we all know and love is trying to do something about it for us though. She is making $20 tickets (this includes taxes and fees) that are going to be available sometime in the near 

future. She really does love and support her fans so much that she is willing to do this for them. She recognizes she really wouldn’t be where she is today without them. I’m not a lucky person so I’m not expecting to be able to get these affordable tickets, but maybe you are! Good luck out there ladies. 

I am a junior at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. I am studying Public Relations and Strategic Management Communications, along with Media and Mass Communications.