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Tired of eating the same food at school? Try these!

One of the most exciting parts of going off to college is having the freedom to eat whatever you’d like. In a typical year, each Purdue dining hall has a unique menu for each meal of the day. Because of the pandemic, it seems as though every dining hall is offering the same food, at the same time, every day. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of eating Windsor burrito bowls one day and Earhart pizza the next. 


On the bright side, the lack of options has allowed me to expand my horizons. Today, I ate the most delicious shrimp cilantro salad bowl at Wiley. It had black beans, avocado, onions, tomatoes, corn, and some deliciously mysterious dressing sprinkled on top. Not only did it fill my belly, it also tasted spectacular! If you enjoy burrito bowls, please try this!


Though the ability to eat Chik-fil-A everyday has been a luxury, my body is practically begging me for nutrition. For those who are tired of greasy, unhealthy meals, please check out the menu for One Bowl. Located in Meredith Hall, their menu offers a wide range of healthy options. I am a huge fan of their fruit smoothie bowls, which I find very similar to acaí bowls. Each day they have a different flavor of smoothie. So far, my favorite has been the mixed berry option. They allow you to choose your own toppings, which include coconut, chia seeds, berries, granola, and more. I would recommend that anyone looking for a nutritional meal try this sweet treat! 


Even though the dining hall environment is like a new world this year, I think that we can appreciate all the hard work that has been put into giving students the best, safest experience possible. If you look hard enough, there are amazing, lesser-known meal options all over campus. This is a great opportunity to try foods that you never would have thought to eat in the past. Here’s to trying new things in 2020!

Lauren Beck

Purdue '22

Lauren Beck is a senior at Purdue University, majoring in marketing. Originally from Bartlett, Illinois, Lauren loves to film YouTube videos, drink horchata and play Fortnite. You can follow her on Instagram @Sillysnorin
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