Squishmallows: the TY Beanie Babies for Gen Z.

Squishmallows are the new popular toy craze among many young adults and children. The toy gained popularity through the app, Tiktok, and now is an international collector’s item everywhere toys are sold. As someone who is obsessed with these adorable new stuffed animals, it’s been extremely hard recently to find them. I see videos and snapchats of people hoarding them off shelves only to resell them for over 100% more than they were originally valued. What’s the big deal with Squishmallows and why are they so popular?


I remember growing up my parents always talked about how they would collect the small, adorable plush toys called TY Beanie Babies. People, back then, would do the same thing Gen Z is doing today with these Squishmallows: buy them in bulk and sell them for almost over 100% of their original value. This seems to make collectors, such as myself, extremely angry. No one wants to buy a stuffed animal you can get at 5 below for well over $50.


So, what’s the big deal anyways? Why are Squishmallows so popular and what is making people sell them for over $50? For one, you can thank popular social media app Tiktok for its gaining popularity. People have even made Instagram and Tiktok accounts dedicated to their Squishmallow collection! This inspires their followers to go out and buy the one’s their influencers have and mark them high up because of how they look or for the animal they may be.


Squishmallows, to their big fans and big-time collectors, are a source of comfort and pride. They bring people happiness for their soft, squishable stuffing, and cute looks. Those who sell these stuffed animals for over $50 are actually shamed by the Squishmallow community. Collectors see them as an accomplishment and not something that should be invested in and kept in a box for days on end. The loveable toys have been shown to also reduce stress and anxiety for students during these awkward stage of zoom classes.


Whether you’re someone like me who has been collecting for over a year now, or someone who just hopped on the bandwagon, there are many stores you can find Squishmallows at. Some of the most popular locations are 5 below, Walgreens, and Target. I hope you start your Squishmallow collection soon and find your dreamy! For now, happy Squishmallow hunting!