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Spring Break: Do’s & Don’ts

It’s that time of year. You can smell it in the air, students start to get antsy and catalog all their bikinis. It is finally the long awaited Spring Break! Spring Break is the saving grace of any college student who needs fun, sun, and a big ol’ drink! This time is exciting, adventurous, and a little scary for anyone who hasn’t experienced the full shebang of a week filled with partying on and off the beach. There are definitely some do’s and don’ts to Spring Break and if you follow these tips (based on good and bad experiences) you will avoid the “Oh no, what did I do last night” moments.
Spring Break Do’s

  1. Drink a lot of water! Water can be the difference between a quick ambulance run and a great night. If you are drinking heavily, you need to stay hydrated. Keeping your water intake up is good on any given night, but the added warmth and sunbathing make it imperative on Spring Break.

  2. Stay in a group! Staying in a group on Spring Break should be a no-brainer. You are going to be in an unfamiliar town, with a lot of people and you need to be safe. If you are always with your group, there is a less likely chance of being lost when you really need someone’s help.
  3. Watch your spending! Spring Break is a money suck, between food, stay, and alcohol you’re running out of money a lot faster than you think. Have fun, but stay on track of your spending and be sure to bring more money than you think you’ll need.
  4. Double knot your bikini top! Let’s face it, the boys on the beach don’t have any reservations about snapping that bikini top open and you won’t be happy you didn’t quickly double knot those strings.
  5. Bring a functional bag! Lose your ID at campus bars….pick it up the next day. Lose your ID at a random bar in Florida…well there goes the rest of your break. Try to find the perfect wristlet, side bag, or purse that will suit your needs and keep your stuff in one place all week.
  6. Have a plan! In general there should be a solid plan for your week. This way it will go smoothly! It can be a simple as lay out all day and drink all night, but it helps to come up with a plan each day so your group can be on the same page.
  7. Know your limit! Spring Break does not mean you have a higher tolerance. Somehow the warm air and the exciting scene convince us we have super drinking powers. That is simply not true! Think about an average night at the bars on campus and how much you would drink, don’t exceed that…ever! If you know your limit on campus you should know your limit out of town.


  1. Forget the sunscreen! This sounds like a mom comment, but one bad sunburn can ruin the rest of your trip. Don’t let a silly think like a sunburn turn in to aloe applications and finding a way to sit without feeling the burn.

  2. Turn into someone you’re not! You can be an extra fun version of yourself, but don’t do anything you’re seriously going to regret when you get back. If you would never have a one night stand, don’t think you’ll be okay with it just because it was Spring Break
  3. Be alone! I just have to repeat myself on this one! Don’t ever be alone on Spring Break, it is so important to be with someone you know at all times! This does not include the guy you totally connected with on the beach earlier that day.
  4. Drink anything you haven’t seen a bartender/friend pour! It is not a surprise that bad things can happen on Spring Break, but as long as you keep track of your drinks you’re in the clear.
  5. Get a tattoo or piercing! This one is pretty self-explanatory
  6. Don’t let your phone die! Let’s say you do drift away from your friends, you are definitely want to have your phone fully charged. Always have some way of contacting someone; it’s the safest way to be.
  7. Pack shoes you can’t wear all night! This sounds silly, but honestly you don’t want to represent your school in PCB as the girl who walks around barefoot, do you?

Spring Break is all about having fun and getting tan, so don’t let any little thing get in the way of that. These are just a few things I have learned in my years of Spring Break fun, but you will learn rules for yourself too. So go have fun, and if you follow these simple rules, you shouldn’t end up regretting anything, but then again we are young and a few regrets in life are necessary!
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