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Songs to Get You Through the Late Nights of Studying During This Upcoming Semester

Especially when I am studying, I always find it difficult to focus and remain interested in what I am learning. One way that I get over this slump is by finding a killer playlist to listen to. Listening to the right music helps me stay energized and focused on my work. Here are some of the songs that I have been loving recently!

Anything By Harry Styles

Sooo, this first one isn’t exactly a song, rather an artist. I am absolutely in love with Mr. Harry Styles, and I know a lot of others are too. Setting aside his stunning looks and charming personality, he truly makes amazing music. Some of my favorite songs of his are: Only Angel, Carolina, Golden, and Sunflower Vol. 6

Seven By Taylor Swift

THIS WOMAN IS A GENIUS!! I have always had a lot of admiration for Taylor Swift, despite the conflicting opinions that people seem to have regarding her. Her newest album, Folklore, released a few weeks ago. It is breathtakingly beautiful. Seven is one of my favorite songs of the album. It has a very nostalgic sound that takes me back to my childhood.

Portrait of a Female by Cruel Youth

This one is a recent discovery for me. I have been listening to it on repeat for the last month. Cruel Youth as an artist is also really good, so I highly recommend you check it out!

My Dude by Litany

I am obsessed with this song. It just has such a cute, innocent message. I normally start religiously listening to this song whenever a new boy comes into my life. Let’s just say that I have started recently listening to it again.

Sunday Best by Surfaces

I blame this one on Tiktok. This is just one of those songs that make you want to move. It has such an upbeat sound that is really enjoyable to listen to, so it will definitely keep you awake and moving while you are studying.

Andi Baker is a Campus Correspondent and Senior at Purdue University, majoring in Actuarial Science and Applied Statistics with minors in Management and Art and Studio Design. Originally from Manila, Arkansas, Andi loves to drink sweet tea, read, and make art. You can follow her on Instagram @andibaker
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