Simple Everyday Makeup Routine

I love doing makeup and my friends always ask me to teach them how to be creative with colors and precise with lines. I take any opportunity I get to do someone’s makeup whether it’s for a recital, school dance or just for fun. Because of this, I decided to sit down in my dorm room this morning and create a simple look for anyone who wants to amp up their daily routine or just wants to learn how to blend. We’re about to become very good friends because you are about to see about every angle possible of my face. I just want to make sure you get adequate visuals that will successfully aide you in completing this look.  

Disclaimer: I am in no way a professional. My work looks nothing like the makeup gurus on youtube but it looks good to me and my friends. I just enjoy having fun with it and I’m not focused on looking flawless; everyone has flaws, that’s what makes each person special. You do not have to use the same colors I use here. You also don’t have to do the same steps as me. If you discover something that works better for you do it. Customize this any way you want, it’s your face after all. I also apologize for the lighting; dorm rooms aren’t the best places for creativity. All products used in this will be listed at the end.  

Alright, let’s get started! 

Step One: Face prep and eyes 

I always start with my eyes, but I make sure my entire face is clean and moisturized before anything. If you are lucky and do not experience oily eyelids, you can skip this next part. If you are like me, I always prime my eyelids to keep my eyeshadow from sliding. I use my favorite concealer to do this and I cover my entire lid with it. Then I move onto shadow. I like to use browns and neutral tones for my everyday wear. Such as this mini Urban Decay Naked palette.  

I start with a light brown color to cover the entire lid. You want it to be a similar color to your eye lid. Don’t be afraid to get each part of the lid with the product, we will be covering part of it in a bit.  

Next, you want to take a bit of a darker brown and blend it into the crease. This is a bit more challenging of a step to complete. Start with a tiny amount on the brush, you can always add more. Close and open one of your eyes and look for the natural crease the forms once you open. Place the brush on this crease and blend the product on the outer two-thirds of your crease. You do not want to cover the lid! You’ll end up looking like a racoon.  Do not be afraid to apply a little force to move the product around. Once you feel like you have enough product down, you can go back in with the first brush you used to cut any harsh lines or bad blending. 

This next part is optional: Take a flat eyeshadow brush and apply a dark shadow as liner. Believe me, it is much easier to use shadow as liner. You have more chances to redo a section if you don’t like the way it looks because you can just blend it out. Start with the tiniest amount of shadow and get as close to your lash line as possible. It’s going to feel weird so don’t be surprised. If you’re feeling spontaneous, wing it out! You can always wipe it off since we haven’t done face makeup yet.

To finish this step, curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara. Tada! Eyes are now complete.

Okay quick tea break and music change. 

Back to it.  

Step 2: Face Makeup 

I am not a fan of foundation, so I don’t wear it often. If you have a preference, please go with it but I like to use concealer and highlighter for my face. As you can see here, I do not have perfect skin. I have dry patches, acne, oil and much more. I do everything I can to keep all of those issues at bay but sometimes they can’t be avoided. This is where my concealer comes in. I dab a little over my red spots and other dark areas on my face such as my under eyes. I like to do this because it does not completely cover my flaws like foundation would and it helps my look come off more natural looking. It teaches me to embrace my acne and spots that can not be avoided.  

After this, I do the last step which is my favorite: highlighter. I take whichever one I feel like wearing or what would go well with my eyes and apply it with a fluffy eyeshadow brush to the high points of my face; my cheekbones, tip of the nose, brow bone and inner eye corners. I just think highlighter is extremely fun and you shouldn’t be afraid of it. You can play with it any way you want.

And that’s it! You’re done! This look is extremely natural and fun to do. You can do less for work or school and add more for parties and fun events with your friends. I encourage you to experiment and get creative on your own! The sky’s the limit and don’t forget to take lots of selfies!! Maybe in better lighting than mine though.😉 

Good Luck!