Rhythm and Flow: A Netflix Show Like No Other


Netflix’s first competition TV show, Rhythm and Flow, is like a twist of The Voice and American Idol but the artists rap instead of sing. Rhythm and Flow is a similar style to The Voice and American Idol but is unique in a fun, competitive, refreshing way. This show is sending the judges Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and T.I. Harris in the search of finding the next best artist to come to the rap game. The judges put the artists through many rigorous forms of competition such as performing, rap battles, making music videos and songs, collabing with other famous artists in hip-hop, and more in hopes of winning out the weak competitors from the elite artists. The artist who wins the competition is going to receive 250 thousand dollars and the shot to chase their dreams.


Auditions Nationwide

The first episode starts in the city of Los Angeles, and artists from all over the west coast came to perform and fight for their spot at the top. The Los Angeles auditions kicked off by introducing its judges Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, T.I. Harris, and special guest star Snoop Dog. The contestants were aware that three hip hop icons were going to be judging them but adding in another legend set higher standards. An opportunity for living a life the contestants have always dreamed of causes some contestants to fold under pressure and others to rise to the challenge when directed to perform their absolute best and rap like it is all they have. The judges watch dozens of artists perform and after harsh but constructive criticism they faced difficult decisions to make and many artists were sent home and only seven were set to move on to the next level.

After the Los Angeles auditions each judge is then tasked to split up and find the best rappers in their home cities. Cardi B heads to New York, New York, the state where rap was born, to find her artists with co-judges and special guest star artists Fat Joe and Jadakiss. They were able to pick through the bunch and she was able to leave with seven contestants repping for New York. T.I Harris had similar luck when he went to Atlanta Georgia, the mecca of hip-hop in the south, in hopes of bringing another legendary artist out of the south. He and his co-judges Quavo from Migos and Big Boi, were tough and unforgiving while picking all seven of Atlanta’s contestants, after all it is a contest and only the best of the best can win. Lastly, Chance the Rapper is off to the streets of Chicago to find the best rappers worthy enough to rep the Midwest. He was accompanied by his co-judges Twista, and Royce Da 5’9” and they were all impressed by the talent in Chicago and sent nine contestants to the next round, more contestants were sent from Chicago than any other city. The judges have picked thirty of the best artists throughout the nation to compete further in the competition in the path of winning the opportunity of a lifetime.

Level Two: Cyphers

The cyphers are a battle rounds where the thirty contestants get into small groups and all though they need to work as a team for the song to flow in an effortless way, they still need to find a way to stand out and be different. The judges announce the next battle once all of the artists are in Los Angeles, this group challenge was new to many of the artists because many performed as solo artists prior to the show, but the judges also surprise the artist by raising the stakes and telling the contestants that half of them will be kicked off the show and sent home after this round. Some teams flowed together so well that the judges were struggling who to send home and had to judge very small imperfections in order to make a decision, while other teams flowed so terribly that all but one member from the team would be sent home due to extreme flaws in their performance such as forgetting lyrics and cracking under pressure. Only sixteen are set to advance from the cyphers.

Level Three: Rap Battles

The rap battles were intense, personal, and especially ruthless. The sixteen remaining contests are paired up and set to battle one of their competitors. By writing or free styling verses the artists must prove why they are more valuable to the competition, many artists are reminded that they are there to win and not to make friends, allowing them to perform as raw and uncut as possible. The judges have to decide who wins the battle and is passed to the next round. There's only room for eight so the artists have to give it all they have and then some. The judges are set to make tough decisions on who has what it takes to be cutthroat.


Level Four: Song and Music Video Production

Many artists can rap but not everyone has what it takes to make a song, especially a song that appeals and sells to the public. The judges are sending the remaining eight contestants back home to work with famous producers to make a song and debut that song in a music video set in their hometowns. The contestants have to create a song and video that will leave the judges remembering their performance, some artists captured the judge’s eyes in a positive way, but others disappointed the judges and were sent home. Only six artists remain.


 Levels 5-7: Whats Next?

There are three remaining episodes in the season set to release next Wednesday, these episodes include the contestants sample music, collaborations with other famous artists, and finally the final performance which will decide who will win the in the finale. This show is a new attention to rap music and giving the hip hop genre the respect it deserves.