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Ranking the Tracks Off of Guts by Olivia Rodrigo

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Just last week, the pop sensation, Olivia Rodrigo released her second album titled Guts. After the huge sensation that was her first album, Sour, fans were anticipating another shell-shock of an album. I am happy to report that this album did not disappoint. It is full of songs to get you pumped up as well as songs to have a good cry to. I have to say that some of her songs made me think of her as the 2023 version of Avril Lavigne. She has a fun pop-punk style on this album and I am living for it.

  1. “Love is embarrassing”: This song is track nine on the new album but it lands at number one on my list. We have all had that experience where we do some crazy things for love. The line “just watch as I crucify myself for some weird second-string loser who’s not worth mentioning..” really says it all. This song is for all of the girlies who have embarrassed themselves in front of a guy who is definitely below your league.
  2. “Vampire”: Ughhh! This song was the first released from this album and god, it was good. I still listen to this song religiously. “I used to think I was smart, but you made me look so naive” just hits different.
  3. “Logical”: This song is a lyrical masterpiece. This is a heartbreak anthem if I have ever heard one. I just know that Taylor Swift, the queen of heartbreak songs, would be proud. The part in the chorus where she talks about how she thought she was the love of his life shatters my heart. We have all been there, at least I have!
  4. “Bad Idea Right?”: This song goes out to all of my college girlies. This is the perfect anthem to describe the mistakes with boys that are made in college. At first, I did not really like this song but it definitely grew on me. The lyrics are hilarious and so fun. “And I told my friends I was asleep, but I never said where or in whose sheets,” is a great way to describe what some of the chaotic college girls experience at frat parties LOL.
  5. “Making the Bed”: This is yet another good sad song on this album. This is yet another one to cry to and reminisce on life. Sad vibes yet such a good one.
  6. “Get him back!”: “He said he’s six-foot-two, and I’m like, ‘Dude, nice try’,” has me rolling on the floor laughing. This line is absolutely hilarious to me. I think the idea of revenge woven into these lines is masterful and a work of art.
  7. “The Grudge”: Who broke this girl’s heart??? This song is a tear-jerker. “And I hear your voice every time that I think I’m not enough,” resonates with me on a whole new level. This song will definitely be in my sad song rotation!
  8. “Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl”: This is a wonderful teen anthem that will definitely be helping girls everywhere through their edgy phase.
  9. “Teenage Dream”: Yet another sad song. It really ties the album together and circles back to her first album in which she said “I’m so sick of seventeen, where’s my f*cking teenage dream?” On this track which finishes the album, she says “But I fear that they already got all the best parts of me, and I’m sorry that I couldn’t always be your teenage dream.” It feels like an homage to the first album and I love it.
  10. “All American Bitch”: I like the mix of styles but I don’t think I would have chosen this song to open the album with. It is a good but interesting choice for the first track.
  11. “Pretty isn’t Pretty”: This is a pretty good song, hahaha no pun intended. I like the message but it just wasn’t one of my favorites on the album.
  12. “Lacy”: This is track four on the album and to be honest, I just do not vibe with it. I want to love it since it is so relatable but I just cannot find it in me to listen to it full out. The message is great but it is by far my least favorite on this wonderful album. Sorry, not sorry!

            Overall, Olivia Rodrigo hit her second album out of the park! All I know is that I am going to try to make it to her world tour!!

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