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Quick Fitness Tips for the Busy Collegiette

With a university that hosts over 900 student clubs and organizations, it’s easy to pack that planner full of meetings and events on top of countless exams and homework assignments. It might not always seem possible to make it to the gym when you have a hundred other things to do, but here are some quick ways to add a little exercise in each day!

Take the stairs. Have a class on 4th or 5th floor? Skip the elevator and use those stairs instead! Your glutes may be sore the next day, but you’ll sure have a good behind as a result!

Skip the buses. Unless you live at Campus Suites or Willowbrook, make that walk from McCutcheon or the Acres instead of riding the buses every day. Throw on some Luke Bryan or Mac Miller and take advantage of the upcoming boot season!

Extend your walk to and from class.
Instead of walking straight home or to your class, take an alternative route and add 5-10 minutes to your walk. It could add an extra 30-40 minutes of exercise a week without even having to think about it!

Use your backpack as a weight. Wanna tone up your arms or legs? Pile some of those massive textbooks in your backpack and use it like a dumbbell! You can easily work your biceps and triceps like you normally would with a dumbbell or wear it on your back and do some squats!

Don’t drive to Chauncey Hill. Whether you’re meeting someone for fro-yo at Red Mango or grabbing a quick lunch at Noodles, if you live on campus or are on campus during the day, Chauncey is only a quick walk away. You’ll not only save your car some mileage, but burn some calories before and after your meal as well.

Make up a fun workout game to your favorite TV show. I don’t know about you, but I can’t live without finding out what happens on my favorite shows each week. On Pinterest I’ve found so many workouts to do that go along with popular television shows. Here are a few and you can use these to come up with your own too!

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