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Purdue Tradition: Breakfast Club

Purdue University has many long standing traditions. One of my absolute favorite traditions that Purdue has to offer it’s students is Breakfast Club.

For those of you collegiettes who are under 21 years of age, you may have heard of it (I will suppose that if you haven’t heard of Breakfast Club that you live under a rock). 

For our Boilermaker collegiettes that can legally participate in Breakfast Club, it is a complete must no matter what is on your “To-Do before I graduate” list. 

Each Saturday of Grand Prix Week (along with every home Boilermaker football game), the Purdue bars such as Brother’s Bar & Grill, Jake’s Roadhouse, Where Else? Bar, and the Neon Cactus host Breakfast Club.

During Breakfast Club, the aforementioned bars open at 7am for all legal-aged Boilers to drink and play all day long. The bars have amazing drink specials (serving Bloody Mary’s and Screwdrivers) and with these crazy costumes… it is one Purdue tradition you will never want to skip.

All of the students that participate in Breakfast Club dress up in funny and creative costumes in order to start the legitimately out-rage-us (if you can…) Breakfast Club days. So the next time that Purdue University hosts a home football game, or the next Grand Prix, grab a group of friends and don some pretty amazing costumes and enjoy your morning of drinking & playing with friends!

Boiler (or Party!) Up!

Photos Courtesy of http://junkyardgypsies.blogspot.com/2011/04/i-found-my-chicken-at-purdue-breakfast.html

Leta is a senior at Purdue University studying Retail Management with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Leta is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and is obsessed with her sisters. An avid shopper and fashionista, Leta spends her time working as an Assistant Manager at Twenty Ten Boutique on Purdue's campus while managing their social media campaigns. Leta started writing for Her Campus Purdue in April of 2011. It was because of her extreme enthusiasm and passion for Her Campus that she was promoted to Purdue University's Campus Correspondent in January of 2012.