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Planning My Trip to New York

For Christmas Break my friend and I all concluded that it was time to take a trip out East to visit two of our friends from Purdue that live in New Jersey. Since they have experienced the full scope of Indiana, they figured it was time for us to experience their hometowns and New York City. While I have been to the Washington D.C., I haven’t been anywhere else on the East coast, so my friend and I are so excited to experience the city especially during Christmas time.

At the end of finals week, I’m headed to O’Hare to catch a connecting flight with Jamie, who I’m staying with in New Jersey. Right off the plane Jamie’s parents are picking us up from the airport and taking us to Jamie’s favorite pizza stop, Deninos. She’s been raving about this place, so we’ll see if it’s everything she’s been saying! Saturday and Sunday consist of touring the city, checking out all the sites, and hitting up Jamie’s favorite food joints. I’m definitely most excited for the food and the holiday decorations, but just as excited to take it all in since this will be my first time in the big city. On Monday and Tuesday Jamie is showing me around her hometown in New Jersey as well as Jersey Shore. Even though it’s not exactly beach weather, it’s definitely a must-see tourist spot.

Even though I’m only staying four days, they are going to be packed with lots of food, views, and definitely cold weather, but we are already counting down the days till we leave. It’s only one month until takeoff, so be on the lookout soon for an article about everything I got to do and see in New York and New Jersey.

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