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Oat Milk: The Trendiest Milk on the Block

Move over Almond milk, there’s a new favorite milk in town. Her name is Oat Milk. Oat Milk is the new fad that is taking over coffee shops and grocery stores all over the country. The new craze is vegan and loved by coffee lovers around the globe! I had the chance to taste test this new milk fad earlier this week, and to say I loved it is an understatement.


Almond milk was my go-to milk for coffee creamer. I started exploring the different milks while in quarantine. Such as: soy, coconut, and almond. Almond was my favorite because of the smooth texture and nutty (but sweet) taste it had with it. As soon as I got back to Purdue, all I heard people ordering from Starbucks was “Oat milk Latté” or “a splash of Oat milk.” If a handful of people were ordering it whenever I went to Starbucks, then it must be good right?


I decided to change up my order one day and substitute my usual almond milk vanilla latté for an oat milk vanilla latté. Before I could even take the first sip, the aroma hit my nose. It felt warm, smooth, and welcoming all at the same time. The sweet scent was followed by my first taste of the milk and let me tell you… wow. That’s all I have to say. W-O-W…. WOW! I expected a nuttier taste (similar to almond milk) but instead was met by a sweet and smooth one.


What makes oat milk so popular though? What makes it stand out against its sister milks: almond, oat, soy, hemp, coconut, etc.? According to Andie Corban and Kai Ryssdal, writers for Marketplace.org, oat milk is very similar in taste and texture to the classic cow’s milk. For baristas, oat milk foams just like regular milk would. In short, it’s one of the easier milks to work with when making espresso drinks.


This year alone oat milk has had sales skyrocket. It’s familiar taste and texture are loved by coffee-drinkers and foodies alike. If you are looking for an easy transition from cow’s milk to a plant-based milk, then oat milk is where you should start.

Ava Smith

Purdue '23

Hello! My name is Ava Smith. I am a junior studying Advertising and Film Studies. I am from a suburb of Chicago called St. Charles and enjoy all the wonderful parks it has to offer. My hobbies consist of writing, filmmaking, and spontaneous adventures with friends. Currently, I am the Multimedia Manager for Boiler Communication and Social Media Moguel at the Hub on State Street. This is my second year being involved in Her Campus and I am so excited about all the new memories and opportunities I will make this year and for years to come!
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