Nothing to Wear? Watch These Youtubers for Inspiration

I, like every other girl in the world, go through the same crisis every time I look in my closet for something to wear; I can never find anything! My favorite source of inspiration for when I don’t know what to wear is YouTube! I am an avid YouTube watcher and I think over the years I have found a few reliable channels that I always go to for the latest fashion trends and fashion advice.

1. Tess Christine (

                  I have been watching Tess Christine’s videos for years, and I am obsessed! She makes the best videos and they are so informative. She is always on top of the latest trends and pieces that are in style. I blame her for my newfound addiction to hair scarfs. Her videos maintain a very minimalist aesthetic which is pleasing to watch. She also lives in Brooklyn, New York which contributes to her city-chic style. Video to check out: OOTW | 5 Transition to Spring Outfits

2. bestdressed (

I am very new to this channel, but Ashley knows what she’s talking about. Her sarcasm and humor make you feel like you are listening to a friend talk. She just recently graduated from college, so she knows all the trends that are popular and relevant amongst college girls. I love her thrifting videos because she upcycles pieces and completely transforms them. I always take her advice very seriously because I love her sense of style. She always shows very affordable pieces which is helpful for a girl on a college budget. Video to check out: 50 OUTFITS for when you have nothing to wear


If you ever find yourself wondering what you should wear for the day or for a special occasion, look to these channels for your inspiration. I promise after watching these stylish women, you will have found your new favorite youtubers!