No More Fridge Raids With These Smart Choice Sweets

When it comes to picking out sweets, it’s inevitable not be bombarded with restrictive thoughts on sugar. The two, healthier option, candy brands I present to you are anything but restrictive. Toss out the high sugar, chemical filled sweets and replace your pantry with these natural sweeties.

  1. 1. Smart Sweets


    This amazing and innovative candy company, run by boss woman, CEO Tara Bosch, has launched a movement called #KICKSUGAR and that is exactly what they have established within their all-natural products. Each Smart Sweets pack contains only 3 grams of sugar! Talk about satisfying my sweet cravings, gulit-free! They sell a range of fruity and sour gummy bears, peach rings, and have created a flavor called sweet fish. All candies in which Smart Sweets puts out for its customers, are free from sugar alcohols, artificial colors and flavors, gluten free, and non-gmo. Those words are songs to my ears! From discovering this company, I’ve learned that it’s okay to indulge sometimes, and that there are healthier options out there to help you form a healthy relationship with the sweets you love.

  2. 2. Unreal Dark Chocolate

    Chocolate is a guilty pleasure for many. Unreal Chocolate Snacks have been a non-guilty obsession of mine for quite some time. Each dark chocolate peanut/almond butter cup is individually wrapped and convenient for on-the-go. Their claims of an “unreal taste” of their products are on-point. They aren’t highly filled with sugar and unpronounceable ingredients compared to other peanut butter cups, which is what we stan. Nothing but ‘good’ is in their products as they are non-gmo verified, nothing artificial, vegan, and filled with organic ingredients. These chocolates, in my opinion, are best when refrigerated or even frozen!  They serve as “mini” desserts and can be a great midnight treat to prevent any evening fridge raids.