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Nike’s ‘Make Yourself’: A mindset to get you through your greatest accomplishments.

Spring break is almost here and most of you have either done workout videos or hit the gym to get that spring break body. What about the rest of you, who has done this stuff everyday? Do you just go to go? What are your reasons? Maybe if you are like me, you grew up playing sports and you like staying healthy and active. Or perhaps you just picked it up because your friends invited you to go to a workout class with them and you enjoyed it. Whatever the reason is, it’s simply great that you are doing it! However, how about those further goals?
I’m an extremely motivated and competitive person. A fresh new hit comes on my iPod and I run faster or do that extra push up. I promise you can ‘just do it’. If you haven’t caught on by the title or my feature words, I’m talking about Nike today. Nike has branded itself not only through athletic wear, but has also campaigned an incredibly motivating mindset. I have always been a Nike girl at heart, through clothing and their shoes, but now the brand is simply inspiring to me.
Attitude is everything. When you say you’re tired, you most likely want to stop. Instead why don’t you say, I’m tired but I can do it. Not only are you going to push harder, but also you are going to feel and look better.  The best thing about working out and setting goals is that it shapes your mind and body. Now it wouldn’t be a normal blog for me unless I posted something about beauty or fashion—luckily having a lot of Nike items, I’m going to walk you through the essentials and my favorites. What are you waiting for? Get out there and ‘make yourself’!
Nike Free 3.0 VS Running Shoes $90
 I’ve been a runner for 11 years. I’ve been through quite a few shoes. However the past 2 years, I have been obsessed with Nike Frees. I always suffered with falling arches and thought I needed more support in a shoe. I decided to try these, even though they are to give you a balance between barefoot running and a running shoe rather than a major amount of support. I guess my foot just wanted to move the way they wanted to because I have yet to have a pain yet! These shoes are flexible and allow your feet to run exactly the way they were meant to—au natural. These come in so many colors and I highly recommend them! It would be hard to sway me to try another shoe I love them so much.

Nike Dri-FIT Soft Hand Women’s Running Hoodie $65
There are no words to describe the versatility of these half-zips. I wear them to class, I run in them when it’s just cold enough that you need something a little heavier, and plus they are great for everyday. Nike does a great job of providing quality material and plenty of colors and designs to choose from. Sometimes people don’t want to pay the higher price for these items, but I promise you they last. I personally love the design in this one cause it adds just a little flair without being overboard.

Nike Filament Women’s Running Capris $48

With Dri-FIT fabric to keep you dry and spandex that is snug and provides comfortable movement, these pants are hard to beat. I personally love the capris length because I get the most use out of them in different types of weather. Sometimes after it’s winter I don’t necessarily want to show off my legs (since they most likely haven’t seen sun in awhile), so these are my go-to workout pants!

See a 5k you are thinking about? Just do it. Trying to strengthen your body? Set that goal and just do it. Keep a positive attitude and follow Nike’s branding statement and you’ll be surprised of the results!
Brittany Cole

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