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Nicole Morande: Vice President of Recruitment for the Panhellenic Association

Nicole Morande: Vice President of Recruitment for the Panhellenic Association
Age: 21
Major: Psychology
Campus Activities: Chi Omega

Nicole Morande is a bright young woman who has a passion for recruitment. Nicole never thought she would even get the position when she applied for Vice President of Recruitment and said she just kind of fell into it. Once she finally got the position, she took over the job with full force.

She started in November of 2011 and immediately started working on her tasks of planning formal sorority recruitment, Alpha Omicron Pi colonization, and informal sorority recruitment. In the spring of 2012, Nicole spent around 12 hours a week in the Panhellenic office working on getting formal recruitment set up for the coming fall.

Over the summer she spent most of her time putting together times for registration, looking up potential new members, and talking with each house to make sure everyone was on track. Once the fall of 2012 finally arrived Nicole found herself busier than ever as she tried to put the finishing touches on the project that she had been working on for almost a whole year.

During Formal Recruitment, Nicole had to view each house individually to make sure that the houses were following the formal recruitment bylaws, such as how each house was setting up decorations and making sure that there was equal opportunity among all of the houses. She also spent time answering the potential new member hotline that is used when Potential New Members (PNMs) had questions. She had to organize every sorority house’s recruitment schedule as well as the recruitment schedule for the PNMs. Nicole also had authority over the Gamma Chis during recruitment.

“There were over 900 girls going through recruitment and over 500 of those girls received a bid. It makes me feel so happy and just being able to watch those girls open their bids on bid day was the most fulfilling experience I’ve had to date. Being a sorority woman and knowing what that bid card entails and what these new girls are about to embark on made me grateful for the experience that I had in that moment,” Nicole said.

After Formal Recruitment was finally over Nicole still had to help with the Alpha Omicron Pi colonization. AOII is a new sorority on campus and is currently holding recruitment events. AOII will be having their colonization ceremony as a chapter on Purdue’s campus on Sunday the 23rd of September. Nicole helps with advertising and publicizing events and sending out information to other chapters about AOII.

Nicole has spent all year working on recruitment and helping women to find a sorority that fits them best. Her rein is up in November of 2012 and she commented that she is sad that her position is coming to an end. She has thoroughly enjoyed every minute of her time as Vice President of Recruitment and has made many memories along the way.

Nicole hopes to one day become a recruiter for a company and said that this position has given her much insight into recruiting and hopes that this position will help her out in the future.

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