Netflix Recommendations to Help You Survive the End of the Semester

I am notorious for taking “breaks” from studying. I convince myself that a small 30-minute break to have a snack and watch some Netflix is essential to me maintaining concentration. Now, I don’t know how accurate and helpful this is to the studying process, but I know that I am not the only one that likes to take breaks. Procrastination is sadly a trait that just about every college student has in common. With finals quickly approaching, you might find yourself needing some shows to watch on Netflix to get your mind off exams. Here are some shows and movies that I have loved watching recently!

  1. 1. Holidate

    This is such a cute movie. It has the perfect amount of cliché that you would find in a holiday Hallmark film, but it is actually really funny and keeps you laughing until the end. Holidate features Emma Roberts as Sloane, a girl that is absolutely over her overbearing family trying to set her up with a date around the holidays. She then meets Jackson, played by Luke Bracey, who is in a similar situation. Both just wanting to be free of the pressures that relationships bring around the holidays, they decide to become each other’s “holidate” (Platonic plus-one’s for each other). As the movie goes on you see them slowly starting to get closer, and I am sure you can guess what happens next.

  2. 2. The Queen’s Gambit

    This one is really hard to explain without making it sound really boring, but I promise it is worth the watch. Basically, it is all about chess. The Queen’s Gambit is a Netflix Original series detailing the life of Beth Harmon, played by Anya Taylor-Joy. After becoming an orphan at a very young age, Beth is left to discover life all by herself. She quickly discovers the game of chess and is a natural talent. As she gets older, she starts to dive more and more into the competitive world of chess, where she discovers that she is a big threat and, on her way, to becoming the best player in the world. This miniseries also talks about struggles with addiction. I absolutely loved this show!

  3. 3. Yes, God, Yes

    I loved this one. This is a really fast, easy movie to watch so it is perfect if you just need something to watch while you eat. Yes, God, Yes tells the story of Alice, a catholic school student who is trying to discover her sexuality. It’s a really good coming of age film that has a lot of relatable moments. It also has a lot of comedic relief, which makes it that much more enjoyable. I also really loved this one because Natalia Dyer plays Alice, and I absolutely adore her.

  4. 4. Honorable Mentions!

    Here are a few more that I have watched recently that I would also recommend!


    Movies: Enola Holmes, The Impossible, Snowden (I have watched this one so many times! SOOO Good!), Work It,

    T.V. Shows: The Haunting of Bly Manor (Personally, I prefer the first season – The Haunting of Hill House), Dynasty, Never Have I Ever