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My Trader Joe’s Favorites

I love Purdue, but my only issue with going to school here is that the closest Trader Joe’s is an hour away. So, every time I am close to a nearby store, or I go back home, I always have to stock up on some of my favorite items. Trader Joes is a neighborhood grocery store that carries a wide array of food. Majority of their items are under their signature Trader Joe’s brand, making them hard to replicate and impossible to find at any other store. They are known for their gourmet food, vegetarian options, seasonal items, and unusual frozen food. Going to Trader Joe’s is truly an experience, so I never pass up the chance to go. Shopping at TJ’s has allowed me to explore different food groups and cultural dishes. Here is a mix of my staple Trader Joe’s items that I always pick up:

1. Tomato and feta soup

TJ’s put a great twist on the classic tomato soup! I love this soup because it is so creamy, especially with the feta. I love to pick up a baguette to pair with a bowl of this soup. Truly delicious on a cold, winter day!

2. Everything and the Elote Dip

Trader Joe’s has made many different elote flavors over the past year, and this item is a hit! I love to eat this dip for a quick snack with corn chips.

3. Lemon and Elderberry Sparkling Soda

If you love a low calorie and low sugar drink, this one’s for you! I have to pick up a pack or two of these sodas every single time I go. They are so refreshing. TJ’s also has a wide array of sparkling drinks that are always a big hit. A bonus is that they also make great cocktails by adding a shot of vodka if you are of the legal drinking age.

4. Artichoke Antipasto

I love this item because it pairs so well with pasta. On busy days when I don’t have a lot of time to make a good meal, I will make some pasta with alfredo sauce and throw a couple scoops of artichoke antipasto to my bowl. It immediately turns it into a five-star meal! I just had to recommend this item.

5. Chicken Soup Dumplings

Warning: this item is highly favored by customers so it’s often out of stock: However, whenever you can find these, you must pick up as many boxes as you can. These soup dumplings are so good and only take 2 minutes to make.

Whether you are a regular TJ’s shopper or you have never been, I highly recommend these products. Shopping at Trader Joe’s gets more and more fun as you shop there frequently. You can find the staple products that you like, while also trying out the new products that they release. The workers are always friendly, and the atmosphere of the store is enjoyable. Trader Joe’s makes going to the grocery store no longer a chore!

Shanise Buford is a junior at Purdue studying Finance with a concentration in Data Analytics. Originally, she is from Plainfield, IL. In her free time, she enjoys thrift shopping, exploring new coffee shops, cooking for friends and family, and going for walks.
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