My Best Purchase: FUGGS

The first time I saw an Ugg, I determined that it was the ugliest shoe I had ever seen. Even though I found them completely appalling, I continued to see their popularity rise. Throughout middle school and high school I saw girls walking around in salt stained Uggs, many claiming the shoes were the best shoes they ever purchased. Even with all of my peers support, I was not sold.

I went on multiple trips to the mall to try on Ugg boots. While they were soft and warm I was turned off for a couple reasons. Other than the visual aspect, they don’t seem practical. The suede-like material does not repel water and is easily stained by salt. The bottoms also seemed to wear through easily, since they are made from a non traditional shoe sole. The final reason I never bought Uggs. I do not see the point of buying $160+ pair of shoes if I am not completely in love with them.

 This year I needed to purchase new boots due to the severe cold. I look around at multiple stores, even trying on some Uggs. The same issues came rolling to the front of my brain and I decided to pass on the Uggs. While shopping in DSW I found a pair of fake Uggs, or FUGGS. I tried them on because why not? These were just as warm and soft as a real pair of Uggs. Additionally, they had a rubber sole that seemed to get better traction than the originals. They were also only a fraction of the price, on sale for only $30. I decided to purchase them and my toes have been extremely thankful. I do not feel the cold at all in my new boots and while I think they are completely ugly, I would purchase them again if given the chance.