Meet Your VS Pink Campus Reps

Meet Kyle Ravesloot and Sharon Jin, your Purdue VS Pink Campus Reps! Kyle is currently a junior majoring in Selling and Sales Management with a Communications and Dance minor. Sharon is a sophomore at Krannert School of Management majoring in Marketing. These two lovely ladies put on events around campus to spread Pink’s message of empowering women as well as put the spotlight on girls at Purdue who embody girl power. Read more to get to know them better!

HC: What’s your favorite color?

K: Pink!

S: Definitely purple.


HC: Favorite place on campus?

K: I love studying at Rawls Hall. The big windows make it seem really open.

S: You can always find me at Krannert!


HC: Current role model?

K: Lauren Akins

S: Jessica Alba


HC: Favorite Season?

K: Wait, can I say all of them? Hm, I’ll go with winter. 

S: Forever, and always winter.

HC: Any pet peeves?

K: When people scrape their fork across their teeth.

S: Snoring!


HC: What’s your go to Starbucks order?

K: Pink Drink! Can you tell I like the color pink?

S: Recently, the nitro cold brews.


HC: Dream vacation spot?

K: Netherlands.

S: Greece


HC: Celebrity crush?

K: Derek Hough

S: Michael B. Jordan


HC: What’s your zodiac sign and do you resonate with it?

K: I’m a Cancer and it really depends on my mood.

S: Taurus here! I only believe it to an extent.

HC: Favorite late-night food?

K: Kettle corn

S: Dark chocolate peanut butter cups


HC: What did you want to be as a child?

K: Dentist with the pearly whites!

S: A teacher.


HC: Favorite movie or book?

K: The Game Plan!

S: The Clique Series


HC: Favorite pastime?

K: I like any outdoor activity like boating, fishing, and snowmobiling.

S: I love painting and figure skating in my free time.


HC: Any winter break plans?

K: Play in the snow!

S: I can’t wait to spend time with my cousins.


HC: Favorite place to shop besides Pink?

K: I don’t have a specific one, but I like going to small boutiques.

S: It’s basic, but Brandy!


HC: Current favorite makeup product?

K: Loreal Lash Paradise Mascara.

S: Fenty Lip-gloss!


HC: Current show you’re bingeing?

K: Dancing with the Stars. Well, I haven’t started it, but I will this week.

S: The Nancy Drew Series on CW! I just started and it’s pretty good so far.


HC: Last purchase?

K: The Sherpa jacket from Pink

 S: I think it was a phone case.


HC: Describe your style.

K: Comfortable and cute.

S: The same as Kyle but with a little edge.


HC: Why did you choose to become a Pink Campus Rep?

K: I really love how creative I can be with the job. The events we put on brighten people’s days and it makes me really happy.

S: It started from how much I loved wearing Pink in my middle school prime time. Their message of girl empowerment also drew me in.


Be sure to follow our Pink Chapter on Instagram @vspinkpurdue and stop by their events!