March Favorites

Skincare: Lately I have been obsessing over Lush’s sleepy face soap bar. The smell of the bar is amazing; it instantly calms you down when you inhale its scent. But, on top of that, this facial cleanser is perfect for washing your face before bed. It is a non-greasy formula that leaves your skin feeling so soft and clean. With spring back approaching so soon it is important that we remember to protect our skin from the sun. That’s why I love Aveno’s positively radiant moisturizer. It comes in two versions of sun protection, sph 15 or 30. It is great for any skin tone. It won’t make your skin oily and it is also a gentle formula, ideal for sensitive skin.Music: Okay first of all the fifth grader inside of me is absolutely dying because the Jonas Brothers. I can’t stop listening to their new song. Also, a friend recently turned me on to the artist Evan Giia and I haven’t stopped listening since then. The music is upbeat and fun with an EDM vibe to it. Matoma’s new album features artist from the likes of Noah Cyrus. It also is from the genre of EDM. It’s a super catchy album that is very upbeat.Podcast: Dissect is the current podcast that I’m obsessed with. Each season the hosts dissect an album line by line, forensically analyzing the albums of your favorite artist. My favorite season is Frank Ocean.Recipe: I’ve been continuing on with a plant-based diet for about a month now and I am loving it! Although my diet is plant-based, I still eat all of my favorite foods. My favorite recipe right now is for vegan street corn nachos. They are every bit as amazing as regular nachos. The recipe is from rabbit and wolves. She makes the best food, so good you don’t even notice that it’s vegan too! Seriously check out her website show: Truthfully, I have not stopped watching this show like binge watching is an understatement. This snow is so interesting with so many unexpected plot twists. The acting is great, so realistic that it’s almost terrifying. If you’re a fashion lover like myself, it makes it even better.