Making the most of a Sephora gift card

It’s right after Christmas and if you are anything like me most people ended up giving you gift cards. Or maybe you just asked for gift cards and now have some money to spend at your favorite shop. One store that I got a lot of gift cards for was Sephora. I love having Sephora gift cards because I can use them on such a wide variety of things. Over the years of receiving gift cards for Sephora I think I have found the best way to spend and tips to share.

                  Some general shopping tips for Sephora to remember is that if you go instore you can try a sample of anything. If you are about to make a purchase you aren’t sure on try a sample before spending your money. If you are shopping online (or even instore) don’t be afraid to return products that did not work out for you. Make sure you are a member of Sephora’s rewards program. It is completely free and being a different level member gets you different benefits including a free birthday gift.


Splurge on some nice skin care

Getting some nice skin care products for yourself is a great way to spend a gift card for a few reasons. Depending on the product you get skin care products last a lot longer than makeup. So, you really get what you pay especially if it’s a product you are going to be using often. Skin care is also a great way to spend your money because high quality skin care is such a nice treat whenever you use it. I personally love buying a nice moisturizer or a face mask.


A new fragrance

If you did not ask for some new perfume as a gift, then buying yourself a new one is always a good idea. A new fragrance can make you feel more confident and in general is just a fun way to change things up.


Buying a value set

Sephora has so many different value sets and odds are a lot of them are on an after Christmas sale. Try the mascara or the perfume value set; inside comes a coupon you can bring back into the store to get a full-size version of your favorite product you tried from the value set. They are also great for trying out a lot of different products at once.


Repurchase your favorite product

If you have a holy grail product that you love buy yourself a back up for when you run out. Having a backup in your makeup bag is great especially if you know you are running low on your favorite product. If you have a backup, then you don’t need to worry about that dreadful day you run out. Instead you can just open your new one and continue on with your day.