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Libra Season Style Guide

The sun will be entering Libra in the coming week (on Sept. 23, specifically). This will bring a boost in Libra energy and qualities for people of all signs. Perfect for the start of cuffing season, Libras are known to be social, sweet, and harmonious. This is a great time to mend, strengthen, and develop relationships in your life.  

If you want to honor the coming season and fully embrace the Libra vibes, take a peek at these Libra-inspired style tips!  

Tennis skirts are all the rage!

The first thing that came to mind when I thought of a Libra ~aesthetic~ is the tennis skirt that is all the rage right now. The mix between sporty and preppy, with a little bit of retro, just screams “LIBRA” to me.  

Pair it with a cozy sweater!

Next up, that tennis skirt pairs perfectly with a fuzzy sweater. Cozy and soft, sweaters are a great representation of welcoming and friendly Libras. They are also perfect for the Midwestern weather this time of year.  

Throw on some fun accessories!

As far as accessories go, I’m really feeling hair bows and butterfly clips to bring that Libra charm. These will also go well with a shiny lip gloss. Some frilly socks, or any lace accents, would finish off the look.  

The overall color scheme that I think best captures the Libra essence is white, blue, and baby pink. This pastel and cute palette gives off a lot of “soft girl” energy, before Scorpio season next month brings out our intense and mysterious sides.  

Libra is a multifaceted sign, as all signs are, with many different characteristics. However, I feel that this style best represents my interpretation of Libra’s token sweetness, charm, and likability. If you want an extra boost of these qualities in the coming weeks, trying out some Libra-inspired outfits is a fun way to channel more of this energy in your direction.  

Katherine Raykova is a junior at Purdue University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and English Literature. She is originally from the suburbs of Detroit, MI. In her free time, Katherine enjoys gardening, reading, and studying astrology & tarot.
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