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Let Me Style You: Model Off Duty Edition

I wouldn’t consider myself a “fashion icon” by any means, but I do have a love for fashion and I’m here to give you the 4-1-1 on the latest trends! I will be your personal stylist and spill all my secrets to provide you affordable, must-have pieces, as well as where to find them. The “Model-Off Duty” style can be described as “chic of the runway.” The simple, designer, outerwear street style aesthetic, is a concept that has been around for ages and as you know things from the past are back on blast.

Piece #1: High Neck Tanks

If this piece is not a staple in your wardrobe, make it a staple to achieve the look. Neutrals are very in and I believe you should be looking for white, black, beige or gray colors. Keywords to search for this piece: High Neck Tank, Cropped Tank, Ribbed Tank Top, and Slim Fit Tank Top. Places to shop for this piece: Brandy Melville, Depop, Briavia, Princess Polly, JLuxLabel.

Piece #2: Light Colored Pants

Neutral beige or any colored straight pants, high-rise or loose-fitting jeans would be an ideal part of the fit. Keywords to search for this piece: Straight Jeans, Loose-fitting Jeans, Beige Pants, Straight Leg Pants. Places to shop for this piece: Express, American Eagle, Depop, Yesstyle.

Piece #3: Rimless Sunglasses, Purse, and Chunky Gold Jewelry

Statement is key. Bold, yet feminine accessories are what truly tie a whole look together. Accessories are for the purpose of elevating and accentuating simple pieces. Keywords to search: shoulder bag, mini shoulder bag, rimless sunglasses, chunky gold necklace, gold earrings, chunky necklace. Places to shop for these pieces: JW PEI, Brandy Melville, Gemini Jewels, Depop, Precious by Kate, Princess Polly.

Have fun creating some cute outfits!

Sharon is pursuing an undergraduate degree in PR & Strategic Communications at Purdue University. She is a Tennessee girl at heart, has a passion for fashion and to create. Truly a gal on the go. Find her on Instagram: @sharonjin_
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