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I’m Crazy For Krazy Glue

My newfound obsession started just a week ago, when our chapter received a bunch of goodies. I noticed there was Krazy Glue and decided to grab some to help repair items in emergencies. Little did I know I would be using it later that day when my duck boots got a small tear in the side. I popped open a one time use Krazy Glue and mended my shoe. Now my feet are protected from Indiana’s nasty weather. I love how the formula dries clear since some super glues I have tried leave a foggy white color, leaving it virtually unnoticeable.

I decided to test it out on a couple other items like a broken necklace, ornament, and my boyfriend’s beer can wall art. The Krazy Glue was extremely versatile and the small tip made even work on the necklace a breeze. It works on multiple mediums, like the metal, paper, glass, and rubber I used it on.

While I love the product and will continue to use it, there were a few drawbacks. We were given the individual use pack which included way too much glue for just one use and they did not have a resealable tip. The container was also so small that I feel it was hard to work with and I ended up dropping it a couple times. I would be interested in purchasing a full size bottle and then I believe most of my complaints would be irrelevant.


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Rachael Lowe was born in northern Indiana (the Region) and was raised knowing she would be attending Purdue. As a third generation Boilermaker she is majoring in Agricultural Economics and minoring in Communications. Her passions are traveling, wine, and puppies. In her free time she likes to craft, paint, have a nice glass of moscato, watch movies with friends, and bake. When Rachael graduates in May of 2018 she plans on having as much fun as she did in college. Follow her on Instagram @rachael03
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