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My first exposure to eyebrow care occurred when I entered middle school. My mother had dropped me off at the local hair salon for my regular trim and I was stuck in the waiting room. I noticed a popular boy from my school was getting his eyebrows done, and in that instant I decided I would get mine done as well. After that day, I would return to the salon every six weeks.

While I loved the way my eyebrows looked, getting them done so often was breaking the bank so I decided to start doing them myself. I began tweezing my eyebrows at the same pace as when I had them professionally done but I slowly got addicted. I was over tweezing my eyebrows, checking every single day. Luckily, as I approached college I kicked my habit of over tweezing my eyebrows.

I got back into styling my eyebrows all thanks to Her Campus. In one of our spring gift boxes we received wax pencils for taming eyebrows. I quickly used up my pencil and ended up purchasing a clear gel made for eyebrow styling. While using these products I noticed that my eyebrows did not look as full as they did before so I began using coloring products.

While tweezing did not decrease the amount of hair, the hair that was growing back had become much lighter. I started using Brow Wow from Benefit Cosmetics which was great for beginners! It has an easy to apply wand similar to a mascara brush. It tinted the hairs I already had without making my eyebrows super dark. I soon decided I wanted to be bolder with my eyebrows. I purchased some brow powder that was on sale and have been loving it ever since. I feel like when my eyebrows look good my confidence level increases tremendously and others seemed to notice as well.

Every time I am doing my makeup and my brows I think of the quote by Gillian Jacobs:

            “You can convey a lot of emotion with just some eyebrows and mouth movement."


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Rachael Lowe was born in northern Indiana (the Region) and was raised knowing she would be attending Purdue. As a third generation Boilermaker she is majoring in Agricultural Economics and minoring in Communications. Her passions are traveling, wine, and puppies. In her free time she likes to craft, paint, have a nice glass of moscato, watch movies with friends, and bake. When Rachael graduates in May of 2018 she plans on having as much fun as she did in college. Follow her on Instagram @rachael03
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