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Doc Martin boots in snow
Doc Martin boots in snow
Original photo by Caroline Webster

How to Feel Runway Ready in a Puffer Coat

There’s nothing like shivering on the top floor of a parking garage in negative degree weather while your bestie photographs your upcoming Instagram thirst trap. It’s times like this that make me wonder: why aren’t winter coats cuter? Whether I am standing in line for Harry’s, taking Instagram photos or walking to class, I simply cannot stand covering up a cute outfit with a puffer coat! For those who express themselves through clothing, winter can be discouraging.

Throughout my first three years of college, I have relied on sweat suits and beanies to get me through the winter. It wasn’t until now, my senior year, that I realized how much accessories can upgrade a winter OOTD. For example, I’ve traded in my beanies for earmuffs. I happened to be walking through Von’s Book Shop when I spotted the most fabulous cotton candy pink fluffy earmuffs. Pairing earmuffs with a matching scarf and set of mittens can make you feel unstoppable. The best part is that there is no shame in wearing the same winter accessories everyday. This outfit requires no forethought and can be recycled to make you feel put together all winter long!

When I feel like whipping out my ol’ reliable beanies, I pair them with wacky earrings. My personal favorite statement earrings are by SUGARFIX at Target. You want a pair of charcuterie board and wine earrings? They have it! Retro popcorn box earrings? Your wish is their command! Earrings are my favorite accessory, especially in the winter. They cannot be covered up by a coat!

Even though medical face masks discourage me from applying face makeup, I love spicing up an outfit with funky eyeshadow. e.l.f. liquid glitter eyeshadow and colorful Morphe palettes will never fail to bring cheer to dreary winter days. If you would like to learn more about applying bold eyeshadow, my favorite beauty YouTuber is Ash Levi.

When the top half of my body is covered by a puffy material, I sometimes forget that I can get creative with the bottom half. Urban Outfitters has a wide range of statement jeans and pants. My friend sent me a screenshot of UO jeans with heart patches and rhinestones sprawled across the entirety of both legs and my bank account nearly died. I am so happy that UGG boots have been revived because they are the most comfortable and cute winter boots I have ever come across. Don’t get me wrong, I am a sucker for platform Dr. Martens, but my legs cry for help after a long day of walking around campus in those bad boys.

The unbearable midwestern cold can make leaving your apartment dreadful, but adding statement accessories to your next look may just be the key to feeling confident as you walk out the door. The next time you invest in new winter accessories, think: “Would I wear this in a parking garage thirst trap photoshoot?”. If not, keep hunting! You deserve to find a hat and scarf that make you feel on top of the world all season long.

Lauren Beck

Purdue '22

Lauren Beck is a senior at Purdue University, majoring in marketing. Originally from Bartlett, Illinois, Lauren loves to film YouTube videos, drink horchata and play Fortnite. You can follow her on Instagram @Sillysnorin
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