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How to Detach Yourself From People and Situations

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Purdue chapter.

Why is detachment important? If you are attached to someone or a situation, you become powerless over yourself. You make all your decisions, form all your opinions, and do anything and everything for them or have them in your mindset. You lose control over yourself and you start putting others over yourself.

You have to realize that this is your ego. This isn’t you. Nobody realizes that we can be whoever or whatever we want. Whatever is meant for you will come for you regardless of that person or situation existing. You exist to attract miracles, not people who run us over. Your self-respect has to be higher than your feelings. You were better before them and you will be the best without them. Why attach yourself to people when you can attach yourself to yourself? You are beautiful and important. They don’t matter as much. They aren’t worthy of your feelings. If a situation ends, something better will come, and you have to believe that.

You don’t need anyone to complete you, you complete yourself. I always say this: “They are a part of your life, not your life”. And honestly, people who use you like a doormat are ants and your future is an elephant. You have to see the bigger picture. The people who come into your life have a purpose. Either they are a blessing or a lesson. Learn to let go. You learned a lot about them and yourself.

When I was young, I would attach myself to everyone. My friends would use me without me even realizing it. They would vent to me, ask me for favors, and never do the same for me. Don’t ever be the person who is always there. Be there for yourself first.

As Kendall Jenner rightly says: “I don’t chase, I attract” “Whatever is meant for me, will simply find me.”

Don’t be afraid. Manifest the bigger picture. A picture that contains you living your vision. The people who used you, were toxic to you, or just hurt you, don’t belong in the picture, so stop caring. You just have to move on because karma will work in your favor. Never lose yourself to anyone.

Anaaya is student majoring in PR and strategic communications with a minor in psychology at purdue. She loves fashion, social media, photography, and is an aspiring digital creator on instagram. She is a sucker for mental health awareness and loves being an unpaid therapist. You can never go against her devouring love for The Weeknd, Drake, and Travis Scott.