How to Successfully Not Let Your Soul Get Crushed by Finals

Hey guys! This is a how-to guide on how not have a mental breakdown. Particularly, one that might occur in front of 300 students in Elliot who are also hunkering down over the same thick test that your lecturer decided to bless you with. 

The point is: I know finals can be stressful HOWEVER if you tackle it efficiently and AND WITH A VENGEANCE you will survive:).  (You'll probably survive regardless, but for the dramatics of this article, please bear with me).


If you're like me, the biggest source of your procrastination is the feeling of not knowing what to do. So you click your way through Netflix titles. You browse Youtube. You find a new favorite Youtuber and before you know it you're in 50 videos too deep. 

So here's how you start. Here's how you begin the studying process that often feels equivalent to pulling out teeth. 

Pull out a piece of paper and write down any possible way that you can successfully study for this test. 

FOR EXAMPLE, for my Biology Final, I'll flip to a blank page in my planner, jot down the word "Biology" and strike a line underneath. I'll note that my professor provides focus questions, practice exams, lecture slides, and past exams. 

With a list of potential resources to study, you now have items to check off.

STEP 2: Once you have a game plan, PREPARE FOR IT, SISTER! (or I guess maybe mister lol)

Continuing the example, in order to study the lecture slides, I'll need to fill in some missing blanks (And I'm talking literally. He literally leaves some of his notes blank. Ugh...) 

Also in line with preparing, is finding a time AND place. If you know me, you know that my cram spot, especially for biology, is Greyhouse Coffeehouse. And even further, I'm usually there after the lecture. You need to DECIDE a time to study and DO the work not just hope it'll happen.


This is when you ACTUALLY go to Greyhouse and get stuff done. You pull out your notes and go hard. And I will tell you, the first hour is the hardest. You're staring at your computer, your eyes burning, and your eyelids are heavy. BASICALLY, you're falling asleep. BUT PULL THROUGH SISTER, it gets better. It's kind of odd how after that absolutely agonizing first hour your brain starts to buzz and you're in LET'S-GET-STUFF-DONE mood.


My dad always says to reward yourself after any test, whether you did well or not because you still made it! Eat what you never let yourself eat! It's the start of summer! Watch what you know leads into a Netflix marathon! You've earned it!