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How-To on Make-Up: Formal Eyewear for a Classy Night Ou

Being in college, we girls like to go out often.  However, it is only once in a while that the night calls for our formal wear.  Now girls, you can’t go out in a classy black dress without classy makeup to add the perfect touch.  When we want to be formal and classy, I think it is a good guideline to watch the eyeliner.  Rather, focusing on the eyelids with a smoky golden touch—topped off with lengthening those lashes—really brings out your eyes while leaving you looking chic, clean, and most importantly, classy.  Here’s the how-to for a perfect eye up do.
It’s not a must, but it is helpful when dealing with those glittery eye shadow shades—eyelid primer.  If you have it available to you, it’s a good idea to start your eye makeup by applying an eyelid primer to prevent the glitter from smearing everywhere throughout the night/application process.
The colors I think fit a formal night out best are browns and gold.  It gives you a mysterious yet glamorous smoky eye—not overdoing it with the darks is important however, and you should try to keep that in mind.  You don’t want to look like a raccoon.


Start with a golden-brown layer on the bottom of the lid (closest to your eyelashes) and apply a shade lighter gold near the corner of your eye (closest to your nose) and blend.  This is shown on my left eye (your right) in comparison to my untouched eye.

Next, apply a light brown on the middle outer-corner of the eyelid and blend slowly with the gold in between application areas of the two shades toward the middle of the eyelid.

Next, apply a shade darker of brown on the very corner of the outer lid and blend some inward, but not totally into the middle of the eyelid.

Finally, take the gold shade you began with and put a light layer of that over the top of the middle of the eyelid for final blending purposes. 
Remember: eyeliner might over-do your classy look.  You want to keep it simple-make it look effortless girls!  Don’t weigh your lids down with heavy eyeliner. Instead, try using the blackest of black mascara you can find.  This will help make your eyes pop, yet leave them open because the eyeliner tends to make them look smaller. 
You’re left with glamorous, sexy, smoky eyes and a fun night ahead of you—get ready to see some jaws drop when you walk in!

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