How to Have the Best Halloween

Every year I have a pretty average Halloween, it ends up being fun but never spectacular. I usually make my costume a day or two before the holiday and then hang out with friends before going to a frat party. While every year I enjoy being with my friends I want this final year to be my best Halloween ever. Here’s all the necessities for a wonderful Halloween:

A Spooky Costume

            Every year I procrastinate picking a costume until the day before going out, leaving my costume half put together and not at all creative. Last year all I did was wear cat ears and call it a night. This year I plan to have my costume figured out at least before Halloweekend.

A game plan

            Have the night planned out, know how you will get to the parties and who will be getting you home. In past years I have ended up trying to make a plan while already out and about which could leave you in unsafe situations or stranded completely. When you leave planning to the last minute it can be impossible to find a DD.

A killer squad

Sometimes the people make the whole night, I have been to some of the most simple parties but because of my gang they are the highlight of college. For Halloween you need to round up some of your most reliable friends who know how to have a good time.

Location, location, location

Some places are obviously going to be busier than others, like the Neon Cactus will be extremely packed yet 308 will be almost empty. Choose which type of venue is your style, there are plenty of houses, frats, apartments, and bars having huge bashes. Again, go in with a game plan on getting home.

Watch your boos

Don’t go overboard and watch your drinks, even if you feel like you are in a safe place. Set a limit and stick to it, make sure your friends are also thinking straight. Lots of people will be out and about and there are real monsters.


Stay safe and happy Halloweek!