How to Get Research on Campus

Getting research on campus can be important, especially if you're in a science related field. But it's really hard to find out how to get research and who to contact. Research varies from major to major but the steps to get it is essentially the same. I started doing research over a year ago and although there are ups and downs, I have loved it. Here are a couple things I learned while looking for a research opportunity on campus. 

1. Focus on what you want to research

Narrow down what you want to do when you graduate because having research that shows that you have at least a little bit of experience in the field will be super helpful. Also it can help you decide whether or not you want to work in that particular field. For me, research has helped me get a grasp on what graduate school will be like and exposed me to a different way I can use my major. 

2. Look into who you want to work with

Normally professors have the research they are conducting online which makes it easier to find something that you are interested in. Finding the right professor to work with is crucial because it's super important that you find someone you are comfortable going to and connect with. Also professors normally have the research they are conducting online. 

3. Contact them 

Contacting professors can be a little intimidating at first. But more often than not, they appreciate the initiative. Also if professors do not respond right away, give it time because they could be too busy and will reply later. My rule of thumb to go by is that if they haven’t responded within a week, email them again. Since professors get bombarded with emails, they might not have seen the email you sent and sending another email couldn’t hurt. It also helps remind them that you’re interested and can help with showing how interested you are in their research.

4. Go meet them in person

I definitely recommend visiting them in person, whether it be an actual meeting or going up to them after a class they teach. It helps them put a face to a name. Also professors are more likely to let you work with them if you go talk to them.