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How To Be “Best Dressed” at Themed College Parties For Under $10

Okay, so we all know that there is much more to college than just studying, feeling super sleep deprived, and never having money.  There is the party life: basically our excuse to put the books down and breath for a while before we find ourselves cramming the next night, regretting that we ever went out in the first place.  But, we will do it again the next weekend, and the next, and the next…

And there certainly is nothing girls like more than when the parties are themed.  Sometimes they are fun, other times they are questionable (boys will be boys), but either way—getting to be creative and ridiculous can be a lot of fun when compared to the norm of just looking good to go out.

Recently, a girl friend of mine and I were invited to a themed party in which the theme was pretty encompassing.  So, I decided to make a shirt because it is cheap, easy, and re-usable!   I went to the party as “team America,” and was complimented on my crafting skills the whole night.  Little did they know, it hardly took any skill at all!  Those are always the best of compliments in my opinion.

So, I am going to share with you what I made and how I made it.  Everyone can make this, guaranteed.  It’s simple, cute, fun, and totally worth it!  And it’s CHEAP. 

The materials you will need are simply a T-shirt (I got mine from Goodwill for under $3.00!), a pair of scissors, and craft beads (Target for $2.00).

First, try on the shirt and simply cut a line in the front up to where you would like your strips to begin (these are what you will put the beads on). 

Next, begin cutting the strips about half an inch thick all the way around the shirt.  You can do this on the sleeves as well, but don’t cut the seam off!  After you have cut all of the strips, you can cut them horizontally shorter if the shirt was really big on you to begin with like mine was.

Then, get crazy with the beads! Pull each strand of the shirt through the beads one at a time.  Pick whatever colors you want, obviously.  I chose pinks, blue, and purple.  If you don’t want the beads to be able to move at all once they are on the strand, simply tie a knot after each bead.  However, if your shirt was made of thicker cotton material like mine, the beads really did not want to move that much anyway.  So, I simply tied a knot at the end of each entire strand under the last bead.

Simply do this for every strand, you can skip some and leave them as just fabric without beads if you’d like!  When you are finished, you will have an awesome party shirt that is going to make you stand out from the crowd—even at a party where everyone is trying to stand out in his or her themed outfits!


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