Homesick Hearts

Some say it’s crazy to be homesick, when it’s already Halloween, but I’ve heard so often lately how girls are crying and missing home. One girl told me how she shuts herself in her room at the same time every day and has a good scheduled cry. Another told me how she had a breakdown in an elevator. Personally, I typically have my random breakdowns at 2 AM in my bed. However, to all those missing your home, know that you aren’t alone.

There are some people that go to college and keep hanging out with all their same friends from high school. I know it can be scary to branch out, but new friends can be an amazing addition to one’s life. Old friends are special in their own way, but you can’t always rely on waiting for a text from your best friend, who’s 3 hours away, to tell you if you chose the right costume for a party. I’m so glad I haven’t let homesickness get in my way of meeting new people this year. Getting involved in groups and organizations can be a great idea for meeting new people. Just remember the next step is up to you to reach out to get to know them!

I never noticed how much my parents were involved in daily aspects of my life until I left for college. For instance, it’s always been so easy to ask mom what’s for dinner, or she’s just taken my laundry and done it for me. Also, dad’s suggestions to play the most random games or throw in a Harry Potter movie after dinner brightens my day each time. However, in college, I don’t get these anymore. Therefore, I have to utilize my time well, and remember that they’re only a call or text away. Parents are those people who are never going to leave us and know when we’re really having a bad day. Never take the gift of parents lightly.

Last, but not least, I miss my dog like crazy. So, to all those people out there, who are missing their pets, I completely agree. At college, one of the things I miss the most is cuddling up with my puppy to some show I’m binging on Netflix. Last time, I went home I think I ran and hugged my dog before I even said hi to my dad. Pets give us some of the best comfort we could ever ask for.