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My routine since September 1st has been to clutch my pumpkin-flavored drink, blast Red (Taylor’s version, of course), and aggressively stream fall movies on my laptop. If I do these three simple steps constantly, then maybe the 80-degree weather will disappear and we will finally be in the presence of the magical season of fall. In my preparation for my favorite season of all time, I’ve found that some of my favorite movies to watch in the fall pair nicely with my favorite member of the music industry.

Taylor SwiftIt’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown 1966 Directed by Bill Melendez:

I like to believe that you can be in any Taylor Swift era at any point in your life, however many times you need to be, but I wholeheartedly believe that I was in my Debut era when I was in elementary school. When Taylor Swift’s self-titled album or Debut was released, the only fall media I could tolerate was being played through PBS Kids or the Disney Channel. Every year around the month of October I always make sure to pay homage to my youth(my debut if you will) and watch It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Sending love to a movie that has always been my grandfather’s favorite and would not give me nightmares like the old Party City commercials did.

Fearless TVHalloweenTown 1998 Directed by Duwayne Dunham:

Fearless has always been so nostalgic for me. When I was a little girl, my mom and I would play “Love Story” and “Tell Me Why” every day after school, and as I’ve grown up, it has continued to be an album that I can put on and dance with my mom. The same goes for HalloweenTown with my cousins. It has always been a movie that my cousins and I can watch together, no matter what point we are at in our lives we can all come together and enjoy a trip to Halloweentown. Especially in my last year of high school, I really began to associate with the emotions brought up in Fearless. Looking back at this album and this movie my favorite correlation has been embracing your true identity and starting the journey to finding who you are supposed to be.

Speak Now TVCoraline 2009 Directed by Henry Selick:

Nothing screams more coming of age than getting spied on by a scary doll, being gaslighted into believing you are unhappy with your current life, and having to save your family from a crazy beldam like an entire self-written album at nineteen. I used to be absolutely terrified of this movie but over the past few years I’ve grown to love it and it is one of my all-time favorites. I was only six years old when the stolen Speak Now was released and five when Coraline hit the screens. Now that I’m eighteen and still growing up, “Better than Revenge”  is still my all-time favorite Speak Now, especially with a TV attached. These two share more than just a memory in my childhood and especially a place in my fall movie/listening schedule.

Red TVDead Poet Society 1989 Directed by Peter Weir:

If Taylor Swift thinks of her album Red as a fall album then it’s a fall album no question. And nothing else screams fall more than watching Robin Williams inspire a group of teenagers to become comfortable with their skin. If the movie was based today, I just know that Ethan Hawke’s character would be listening to “Come Back Be Here”, “Treacherous” and a little of “Nothing New” as he wrote his poetry. The movie itself just radiates autumn even watching the trailer, it seems to have an orange tint over it and if the film wasn’t already great, it was released in 1989(the same year our Miss Americana was born).

1989Ghostbusters 1984 directed by Ivan Reitman:

Quickly let’s take a poll: who here knows the Ghostbusters’ theme song when it plays across your television in October or even in general can hum along to it? Now, who knows a 1989 song that you would 100% use to be your own theme song? I would 100% choose “Style” or “You are in Love” or perhaps one of the quickly approaching vault tracks(I will be locked in my room all day October 27th just FYI). Aside from the fact you can literally scream “Welcome to New York” in the opening credits, the film’s character dynamics can find reference in Taylor Swift’s friend group from her original 1989 era. The mix of horror and comedy pairs perfectly with 1989’s upbeat and lyrical pop masterpiece and can always make a bad day better.

ReputationScream 1996 directed by Wes Craven:

“I’m sorry the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why?”

“Because I want to know who I’m looking at.”

Nothing screams Halloween more than Scream, when Ghostface pops up on your screen, it’s time to curl up and watch a couple of good horror films. Personally, this is one of the scariest films I can handle, I’m not a horror person but this one is iconic. What else is iconic? Taylor Swift. Especially Taylor Swift’s Reputation. Rep has a collection of songs ranging from singing about love, situationships, and the queen herself Karma. You can find each of these elements within the movie as the main character fights for her life. I can actually hear Ghostface walking around dancing to “Look What You Made Me Do”.

LoverCorpse Bride 2005 Directed by Tim Burton and Mike Johnson:

One of my all-time favorite romance movies when I was younger was Corpse Bride. I never seemed to understand the fact that she was in fact, a corpse and he was very much alive. The slight use of color throughout the land of the dead and the art of Tim Burton’s direction have always had a hold over me. As did Taylor Swift’s Lover album, although she didn’t go light on color within her music videos, her direction also has a huge hold on me. Every time I hear “Daylight” or “It’s Nice to Have a Friend”, I instantly think of Emily and Victor. The love and the heartbreak found within the movie are rebuilt when I listen to Lover the whole way through and can 100% see Emily choosing “Lover” for her wedding dance. Me too girl, I get what you’re going through.

folkloreSleepy Hollow 1999 Directed by Tim Burton:

I’m always a sucker for a Tim Burton movie and Sleepy Hollow especially holds a place in my heart from young Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci to the ambiance of New York during the fall. I’ve always been fascinated with early legends in New England and this movie helped to foster a love for history. The entirety of the movie is filmed with a gray tint giving a perfect folklore setting. The mixture of fantasy and romance within Sleepy Hollow matches the lyrical romance of folklore’s tracks including the added fantasy that comes from stories created within folklore. Overall when you’re looking for a film to pair with an album such as folklore, you can find it in Sleepy Hollow, New York.

evermore- Little Women 2019 Directed by Greta Gerwig:

During the months of September and October, I always get edits on TikTok regarding Little Women. So, when I finally found the time to sit down and watch this Greta Gerwig masterpiece, I immediately related each March sister to an evermore song. I don’t think we have time to get into how and why Jo is “Champagne Problems” and Amy is “Ivy” but this film could have used this whole album as a soundtrack. The tone of the album fits within the movie, beginning with an upbeat song such as “Willow”, and the young March sisters, and ends with songs such as “Right Where You Left Me”, and the March sisters aged from the different life struggles they had to endure.

MidnightsHocus Pocus 1993 Directed by Kenny Ortega:

My family has a tradition that every year on October 31st, we watch Hocus Pocus all day long. This past year my brother and I even stayed up until 12:01 on the 31st to watch it first. Not to be confused with us staying up until 12:01 the night of October 13th, 2022 to listen to Midnights in the corner of our hotel room in New Orleans. When the witches make a return 300 years after a virgin lights a black flame candle, it radiates spooky energy after 11:59 pm. Taylor Swift referred to her album Midnights as “stories of sleepless nights scattered throughout my life,” and for the trio and their black cat Binx this was definitely a sleepless night of constant running. The ups and downs of romance and adventure of Midnights follow the gang’s night as they battle the Sanderson sisters. There’s also never a bad day to listen to “Karma”, it is a cat after all.

I hope this helps to find a new fall favorite or even just have an excuse to listen to some Taylor Swift.

Kendell is a writer at the Her Campus Purdue University chapter. She's been a part of Purdue's Her Campus chapter since fall of 2023. Her favorite topics to write about include entertainment, the music industry and about her favorite experiences around campus. Beyond Her Campus, Kendell is a freshman at Purdue University, majoring in Communications with a minor in History and Creative Writing. Originally from Noblesville, Indiana, she grew up visiting West Lafayette and loves the student life. In her free time, Kendell enjoys listen to music especially Taylor Swift. She is also really into reading and loves to talk about her latest reads, majority of which involve romance. She loves to bake and back home is known for her banana bread muffins, coffee cake and chocolate chip cookies.