Go Color In College

When I first arrived at Shreve hall of Purdue University, I required 3 hotel carts to carry my things upstairs and many helping hands. Going into my freshman year, I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to fit or keep all my clothes, school supplies, or snacks organized in my dorm room.  However, I opened my room to find a simple space which I could make my own. Well, with my roommate, of course. Let me tell you, that was exciting. As quite the perfectionist, here’s my advice on how to make the most out of a small space:

  1. Before making the big move, choosing a color scheme with your roommate is essential. Getting down to college with 2 orange and black fanatics could lead to a Halloween theme for the whole year. Coordinating a few colors can make a giant impact on how you feel about your room. Personally, I love walking into my dorm seeing the pastels and gray theme that my roommate and I chose. Colors of your room can make a giant impact on your mood when at school, especially during those college anxiety attacks.
  2.  A trick I find works wonders for me is making each course you’re taking a specific color. If I associate chemistry with red, then I make each notebook, binder, or binder clip red for that subject. This helps me avoid grabbing the wrong materials when I have to cut my 15-minute walk to class in half. Not only does this make me feel better organized for the class, but color coating creates order on my messy desk after a night of cramming.
  3. In classes, when you cover over thirty slides of material in twenty minutes, highlighters and gel pans are your best friends. Making your notes as simple to study and retain information as possible is important. I’ve found a great strategy for studying is assigning a certain color for each topic. For instance, I assign key terms pink because I know they will most likely be key components on the exam. Another example is categorizing your notes by writing each section in a different color. This way you can distinguish between different slides of notes running together.

Colors can make a big impact on a college campus. Personally, I find lighter colors in my room help to brighten my mood each day, making it easier to get out of bed on a gloomy day. Furthermore, feeling organized can make you feel better about yourself and feel more prepared for each hectic day that’s thrown at you. Color coating can help you a lot more than you’d think in keeping information straight and in your memory. So, try coloring in college!