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Glossier Products: Hit or Miss?

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With their sweatshirts worn by Timothée Chalamet, Glossier’s popular skincare and beauty products aim to create effortless and dewy looks. The brand is known for cult classics like Boy Brow, Cloud Paint, Balm Dotcom, and more. Founded by Emily Weiss, their products are known to be aesthetically pleasing and social media “worthy”. Personally, along with the hype, I have tried a variety of products from Glossier. Some I can’t live without and others I wish I hadn’t spent money on. In my article, I’m going to list my favorite Glossier products along with some that really missed the mark.

1. Hit: Balm Dotcom

A product that’s good enough to eat. Formulated with Beeswax, Balm Dotcom is a tinted-lip salve that moisturizes and nourishes your lips. Scents: Rose, Cherry, Birthday Cake, Mint, Coconut, Mango, Berry, and limited-edition Cookie Butter! Retails for $12.


2. Miss: Perfecting Skin Tint

If you’re looking for a medium or full coverage foundation, this product is not right for you. Although it’s quite sheer, it does promise a brightening and dewy finish on the skin. Looking for a more natural finish, I bought this product because it doesn’t cake like other foundations. But, as someone that suffers from acne, this product barely covered the redness on my spots. Retails for $26.


3. Hit: Solution

If you suffer from acne or hormonal breakouts, this toner is a lifesaver! Named Solution, this toner is a better form of exfoliation than a physical scrub. According to the website, the Solution “uses a 10% blend of skincare acids to “unglue” dead skin and sweep it away, so your complexion appears smoother, softer, and glowier”. Also, this product works to get rid of your stubborn blackheads! Retails for $24.


4. Hit: Milk Jelly Cleanser

Although this cleanser doesn’t focus on a skincare concern, it’s perfect for a gentle cleanse in the morning. I love the cleanser’s thickness and foaminess. It’s the perfect combination in a cleanser! And it smells like candy. Retails for $9 or $18.


5. Miss: Ultralip Lipstick

I love a good lipstick shade, but I was unhappy with Glossier’s lipsticks. They’re very sheer and not at all long-lasting. Although the shades are gorgeous, they’re not worth almost twenty dollars. Retails for $18.


Although these products don’t necessarily work for me, they might for you! If you’re looking for a more natural makeup look, then Glossier would be a perfect option. Let me know if you want me to do Part Two!

Jordan is a sophomore at Purdue and majoring in History and German, along with a minor in Forensic Science. Originally from Indiana, she loves drinking chai lattes, playing tennis, binge-watching Netflix, and spending time with her golden-retriever dog, Beau.
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