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The Gift Guide to End All Secret Santas

Secret Santa is probably one of the most stressful times of the year, especially in a group of only acquaintances. You want to give a gift that will blow your audience away while simultaneously not blowing your budget. Especially being in college, money is not as flowing as it could be so, in this guide, there are gifts for a variety of interests and budgets. Good luck and happy shopping!

For The Makeup Master: ColourPop Lit Palette , $12.00

Color Pop is a go to beauty option when searching for a makeup lover without breaking the brank. They’re known for soft eyeshadows and pigmented, while also being cruelty free! With over 1600 reviews and a strong five-star rating, this palette will be a home run for sure. Did I also mention this palette is in collaboration with Bretman Rock? What else could you want?


For The Skincare Savvy: I Dew Care Mini Meow Chrome Mask Trio Set, $20.00

The I Dew Care Mini Meow Chrome Mask Trio Set is a steal for $20 and a great starter kit for skincare lovers anywhere. If you know your friend is a kin care aficionado, most likely they already have a set regimen. By giving masks, your recipient can try new items without disrupting their flow. With a hydrating, illuminating, and exfoliating mask included, all their skincare needs are more than met.

For the Gaming Guru: Steam Giftcard, Price TBD

Steam is a digital platform, where one can buy and play numerous games. With all the variety of games, Steam is a hotspot for game lovers alike. Getting a gift card means you can give your friend a game or a discount. It’s also great for any gamer despite their laptop brand. So instead of worrying about whether your friend has a game, get this gift card instead.


For the Movie Master: SmartPhone Projector, $25.49

Smartphone Projector is a great gift for the modern millennial. All you need to do is put your phone in and a movie will flow out. Especially with Netflix and a college dorm, this can be the best option for a movie with friends or a special someone. It’s also portable and requires little upkeep, no batteries or wires.

For the Eco Empath: Sunshane Bamboo Travel Utensils, $8.99

Plastic utensils, especially straws (I’m looking at your Starbucks), are a big contributor to the accumulation of plastic in the ocean. By giving your friend this set, you can help them help stopping their plastic consumption. This set include utensils, two different straw types, and a straw cleaner. It’s the perfect all in one type for consciously eating out.



Alena Finnell is a freshman at Purdue University studying Marketing. Cats, horror movies, and Chinese food are just a few of her favorite things.
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