Get to Know Your Exec Board: Co-Campus Correspondent and President Taylor Bragdon

From her vibrant personality to her passion for Her Campus, Taylor Bragdon has made an impact on Her Campus at Purdue. We are so excited to have her for another year as a Co-Campus Correspondent.

HC: What are you looking forward to most this semester?

Taylor: I am looking forward to attending breakfast club and my last Purdue football games as a student.

HC: My favorite fall activity is….

Taylor: My favorite fall activity would either be putting out fall décor or going to an apple orchard.

HC: In my free time I like to….

Taylor: In my free time I watch Netflix but I also like to read books and hang out with friends.

HC: My go-to outfit is….

Taylor: Recently my go-to outfit has been a big sweatshirts T-shirt with shorts and my vans. It is easy to throw on and comfy but I am looking forward to bringing my sweaters back out for the season.

HC: What inspires you the most?

Taylor: I would say my family inspires me the most. They push me to be the best possible person and always support me no matter what.

HC: The show I’m obsessed with is…

Taylor: Forensic Files. If I had to change my major it would probably be to forensics.

HC: My favorite place to shop is…

Taylor: My favorite place to shop is a tie between Dry Goods and TJ Max.

We have loved having you Taylor these past four years in Her Campus at Purdue!