Get to Know Our Team: Harlie Garrett

Our Her Campus Purdue chapter has been blessed with many wonderful writers since its start here. One of my personal favorite writers is Harlie Garrett. She is an intern for Her Campus, a board member for Timmy Global Health, and just so happens to be my roommate.

HC: What’s been the biggest adjustment for you as you begin your college career at Purdue?

My biggest adjustment was having to live with a girl when I’ve come from a house full of brothers. I also was used to a very small graduating class of 76 people, while Purdue is gigantic compared to that.


HC: What’s your favorite class you’ve taken this semester?

My favorite class so far is basic drawing. I’ve only ever taken painting courses in high school, and it has definitely helped me improve a lot. Now, I can sit down and actually draw, which will help me become a better artist.


HC: What are you most excited for over winter break?

I am most excited to sleep in, start a new job at Michaels, and spend lots of time with my boyfriend. It’ll be great to destress from the first semester and catch up on Netflix and Disney+. 

HC: What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I like to read, watch movies, play with my boyfriend’s dog, get to see my boyfriend, and take a lot of naps. I’m a nap-aholic. I also snack a lot, especially on popsicles. 


HC: What’s your top 3 favorite movies?

My favorite movie series would have to be Harry Potter. Currently, my two favorite movies are The Greatest Showman and Remember the Titans, which is exquisite.


HC: What tv show do you waste the most hours on a week?

I don’t consider any of my time watching tv shows as wasted because I am educating myself. Currently, I am captivated by the series’ Bones and How to Get Away with Murder. However, overall, my favorite tv show is Grey’s Anatomy!


HC: What’s the furthest you’ve been from home?

Summer before senior year, I spent a month in France. We spent 3 weeks in Aix En Provence, a weekend in little towns, and explored the Normandy beaches. Finally, we ended the trip with 5 days in Paris. It was amazing to see the Eiffel tower, Monet's gardens, and Cassis, which has beautiful bodies of water surrounding it.

I am so happy to have met Harlie Garrett this year and call her one of my best friends. She constantly cracks me up and keeps me from having nervous breakdowns, as I study for my insane lab practicals. Not only is she an amazing writer, but she is a genuine person, whose smile brightens my day. I can’t wait to see where the next 4 years take you!