Get to Know Our Team: Andi Baker

It’s time to get to know our team and what better way to start than with one of our newer members, Andi Baker! All the way from Manila, Arkansas, Andi majors in Actuarial Science and Applied Statistics. We asked her a couple of questions to help all of our readers know her better.

HC: What is your favorite thing about Purdue?

Andi: My favorite thing about Purdue is the overall atmosphere of the campus. Purdue has everything that I was looking for in a university. The opportunities that are given to you for just being a Purdue student are endless, and that makes me feel really secure about my future and job employment. On the other hand, I am a HUGE basketball fan. Having a team that was ranked nationally and make it to the Elite 8 made for an unforgettable freshman year.

HC: If you could meet anyone in the world, who would you meet?

Andi: I think if I could meet anyone in the world, I would want to meet Emma Watson. I have always been a massive Harry Potter fan, so there is no doubt that I would fangirl. However, she is also a very big advocate for women’s rights, feminism, and equality. I admire her a lot for the work that she has done not only women, but the world.

HC: Where does your writing inspiration come from?

Andi: When I start writing an article, I always try to think of what is popular at that moment and what is happening in my life. For example, if there is a new trend in fashion, pop culture, etc., I like to write about that. Also, If I am going through something in my life, I tend to write articles that center more around giving advice on whatever problem that I am dealing with at that moment.

HC: What brought you to Her Campus at Purdue?

Andi: At the beginning of my spring semester of freshman year, I found myself a little bored. I was involved in a few clubs, but they were more academic. I still hadn’t found a group where I could have fun and enjoy a hobby. I began looking for clubs to join, and I came across Her Campus at Purdue. I had never heard of Her Campus before, but after meeting with a campus correspondent and researching more on my own, I knew that it was something I wanted to be apart of.

HC: If you could do one thing differently in your life, what would you do?

Andi: If I could do one thing differently in my life, I think I would just enjoy where I am at more. I am a very driven and ambitious person, so sometimes that keeps me from enjoying what is going on in my life in the present because I am too busy worrying about the future.

HC: Do you have a go to order at Starbucks?

Andi: As basic as it is, I have really been loving the “Pink Drink” from Starbucks. I’m not a big fan of their coffee, so I normally go for one of their other drinks.

We're glad that you guys got to know a little bit more about our team. We can't wait to introduce the rest of Her Campus at Purdue!