Get to Know Our Team: Abbie Gillig

Purdue’s chapter of Her Campus has many amazing writers and one of them is my very own roommate Abbie Gillig. Abbie is a freshman this year at Purdue and hopefully this interview will give some insight into how other freshmen are adjusting to Purdue or bring some nostalgia to all you upperclassmen.

HC: What is your favorite thing about Purdue so far?

Abbie: My favorite thing about Purdue is the social life here. It has been amazing to get to know different people whether it be through BGR groups, classes, or the clubs I have become involved in. I wouldn’t feel as at home at Purdue if I hadn't made the connections I did through my BGR group, they have helped make Purdue my home away from home.


HC: If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

Abbie: I wish I would have developed who I was earlier in high school, I feel as though I haven’t found my passion yet. I hope to find what truly inspires me at Purdue. Whether that be my major, service work, or something I just stumble into.


HC: What is your newest Starbucks obsession?

Abbie: My newest Starbucks obsession is the medicine ball. It is a drink off of Starbucks secret menu and is a mixture of different teas combined to help alleviate your sore throat and sinus problems when you are sick. With the Purdue Plague going around it is an absolute necessity.

HC: What brought you to Her Campus at Purdue?

Abbie: My roommate (AKA me) bribed me into going by saying there would be free Insomnia Cookies there and she did not want to go alone. However, when we attended the call out there was such a variety of nice girls that made me want to come back.


HC: If you could tell a senior who is considering attending Purdue one thing, what would it be?

Abbie: I would tell them that the giant campus life seemed scary to me when I was considering Purdue, but now it is one of my favorite things. It provides so many opportunities to meet new people, for relationships, friendships, or connections for your future career. There is an endless number of things to do and see, you will never be bored.


I hope this little peek into our Fort Wayne girl’s mind helped you get a better feel for one of our newest writers here at Her Campus Purdue. Keep an eye out for more amazing articles by Abbie and the rest of our awesome writers!