Four Reasons to Adopt (And Not Shop) For Your Furry Friends

Animal shelters are located throughout the United States. They always have a large variety of animals, especially cats and dogs, that are looking for loving homes. Shelters are great places to get your pets and here’s why…

  1. 1. We all deserve a second chance

    This is kind of deep but imagine if we did not get second chances with our friends, family, or jobs. Animals don’t have the same opportunities as us. If someone stops loving them or can no longer take care of them, they can spend a long time (sometimes their entire lives) waiting for a new home. All they want is some love and snacks and they will be so happy to spend every day by your side.

  2. 2. Save $$$

    Shopping for dogs is so expensive (and a huge waste of money!!!)! Adopting animals is not nearly as expensive and the shelters fix them first, do a vet check, and a round of vaccinations, saving the adopter even more money.

  3. 3. Lots of Choices

    There are so many different breeds available in the shelters! Big and small, old and young, whatever you are looking for the shelters will usually have, and if they don’t you can often ask them to call you when the animal you are looking for is adoptable. Also, if you are looking for a specific breed, there are lots of purebred rescues that are always needing people to adopt.

  4. 4. You can meet them!

    Usually when shopping for a dog, the breeder usually has people reserve them before they are even born. This can sometimes result in paying thousands for a dog or cat with a personality that does not mesh well with yours AND a huge price tag! At the shelters, you can meet the animals and play with them first. Some shelters even allow adopters to do test runs with animals before bringing them home! Also, many of the dogs at shelters are already trained because it will not be their first home.